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RetouchPro Live And Linux?

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  • RetouchPro Live And Linux?

    I'm very interested in viewing one of these live events. I've read the FAQ but it makes no mention of system requirements.

    I run linux exclusively. Does the Java app run under linux or does it require IE or Safari hooks, rendering it inoperable under linux?

    I'd really like to know this before putting up the $10 for the next rebroadcast.



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    Re: RetouchPro Live And Linux?

    Sorry, Mac or Windows only. At least as far as I know. But there is 24/7 tollfree phone support available at I'd suggest contacting them.

    It is a Java app, but I assume there is some sort of loader that is OS specific.
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      Re: RetouchPro Live And Linux?

      Thanks for the reply Doug. That's about what I expected. I've just gone down this route trying to get a corporate "live" event working for my wife. It too used Java, but wouldn't work on linux. Tried to get it working in a virtual machine (virtual box and WinXP), but timing issues with the NIC made it too choppy to watch.

      I'll pass on contacting the tech support people. It's been my experience that their eyes glaze over when you mention the word "linux". Maybe someday these live events will be converted into a downloadable format or made available on media we can purchase.



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