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Youtube video rentals - problematic

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  • Youtube video rentals - problematic

    1) The ad text said the video is in 1080p. Well, the 1080p broadcast didn't work so I had to view the video at a lower resolution.

    2) The sample to get you to buy is the same in all the video: the boring "this is how you text questions". As I'm not viewing the video live, i don't care. Plus I want to see a sample of what the video contains.

    3) On the rental, there is sooooo much wasted time at the head where the interviewer gets into, "for our live people, text hello" type of stuff. If you're charging people to view a rented video, I would have expected the video at least to be trimmed of live junk that is useless during a rental.

    In general, I think the idea of these videos is great but the execution lacks polish and is a bit frustrating to use.

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    Re: Youtube video rentals - problematic

    Which video didn't work at 1080?

    I have no control over the sample, and have even requested it be optional. I didn't even know they existed until a viewer such as yourself mentioned them in passing (I've never rented one of my shows). I doubt any other 30 seconds of the show would be any more informative.
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      Re: Youtube video rentals - problematic

      The recent one about BW conversions. IMHO, showing 30 secs of the techniques being taught a video would be far more informative and a better sales than showing the same irrelevant preamble.


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