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RetouchPRO LIVE 4/4/15 - Audience Showcase #3

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  • RetouchPRO LIVE 4/4/15 - Audience Showcase #3

    RetouchPRO LIVE
    Audience Showcase #3

    Our previous Audience Showcase show had a few more attendees than the first one, but we still need to improve on that.

    Please attend even if you aren't planning to show. We need commenters. Plus you'll miss out on seeing some beautiful art if you don't. Invite your friends.

    Here's how it works:
    • Pick your one image that you want to show. Anything goes: retouching, compositing, photo restoration, photo art, straight photography, CGI, graphic design, or anything else. Just make sure it's your own work. WIP (work in progress) is fine, before/afters are optional but appreciated. You don't have to JPG your file, but you can if you like.
    • Rename your file to include your name. johnsmith.psd, jane_doe_WIP.jpg, etc.
    • Upload the file to (the access code is "showcase", no quotes).
    • Don't wait until showtime to upload (ie: do it now)
    • During the show we'll spend a few minutes looking at each image. I'll read out the relevant comments from the audience, then we'll move on to another. If we get too many images, preference will be given to those from live attendees.
    • After the show I'll delete all the files, none will be stored or shared. However the show will be recorded and uploaded to Youtube.

    Remember, even if you choose not to upload you are still welcome to watch and comment. You're guaranteed to see things you have never seen before.

    Saturday April 4, 2015 3pm Central US time
    (there's a timezone converter on the registration page)
    Click here for free registration
    Learn by teaching
    Take responsibility for learning

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    Re: RetouchPRO LIVE 4/4/15 - Audience Showcase #3

    This show recording is now up on Youtube
    Learn by teaching
    Take responsibility for learning