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RetouchPRO LIVE - Photoshop Fix

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  • RetouchPRO LIVE - Photoshop Fix

    RetouchPRO LIVE - Photoshop Fix
    Guest Artist: Steve Caplin

    Photoshop Fix is a free app for the iPhone and iPad (and soon for Android). It allows a surprising degree of Photoshop funtionality on your phone. And it can do a few things even Photoshop can't do. Plus it plays well wth Photoshop.

    Join me this Tuesday to watch the screen of Steve Caplin's iPhone as he demonstrates the capabilities of Photoshop Fix. He'll show us what it does and what it can do. And he'll hop between Photoshop Fix and Photoshop itself to show the amazing degree of interactivity the two programs offer.

    After the program, Steve will stick around to answer any general questions about Photoshop you may have.

    Tuesday Nov. 17, 2015 3pm Central US time
    (there's a timezone converter on the registration page)
    Click here to register
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    Re: RetouchPRO LIVE - Photoshop Fix

    This show recording is now up on Youtube
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