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  • Brexit

    First to confess - I depend on email notification re webinars as life is just too crazily busy. I have not seen any in months and months from Steve Caplin. Was there a STECAPEXIT?
    Thank you.

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    Re: Brexit

    Steve broke his leg pretty severely, and was unable to make it down the stairs to his studio for a couple of months. Coincidentally, my series with Mark Fitzgerald had just come to a natural end and I'd had two new presenters in a row not work out. During the hiatus I took a long hard look at my finances and decided I couldn't afford to continue paying the monthly webinar software fee, so I cancelled it. The shows were fun to do, but I lost money every month for over a year with no relief in sight.
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      Re: Brexit

      I totally understand. I spend my life taking a long hard look at my finances. And every week telling myself what I am going to do when I win the lottery. In the meantime however, I and my family are all healthy and happy and as long as we can keep the lights on and I don't have to give up my cable TV addiction, (although these days all we see when we turn it on is politics - ugh - nuff said) then it's all good in the hood. So much grief and horror and sadness out there Doug, that I consider myself lucky with what I do have. All the best and will give you some of my lottery winnings when I hit the Power Ball.


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        Re: Brexit

        I was sitting here at work (yeah, not really workin' too hard!) when it dawned on me that I'd not seen a "Pro-Live" event in some time. Work being too crazy, I seemed to miss more than I got to see... I'm sorry to see it go. (I did send in $$ tho! I tried to help!)

        But, everyone wants something for nothing, so it is no surprise.

        (The replays are their, right?)

        Anyway, thanks so much for so many episodes... they were fun and informative. (I'm glad you couldn't hear my own comments! ;O)

        Maybe another opportunity will arise! ...and WHEN I HIT that PowerBall, it will be WEBINARS FOR EVERYONE!!

        Thanks for all your work Doug, and Steve! Hope he mended well.


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          Re: Brexit

          So did I - sponsor. But that's fine. Happy for the webinars I did manage to see. I too hope that Steve is once again trotting around that blessed plot, that hallowed realm, that is England.


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            Re: Brexit

            Yes, the shows are all still up on Youtube (except for the ones that have always been rentals). And I still need Patrons to pay the server fees for the website, etc.
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