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Saving Mask using Remask 5

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  • Saving Mask using Remask 5

    I am hoping someone can help me with a problem I have been trying to solve for many days. I am a photographer, and I want to provide my headshot clients with a web copy, a print copy and a copy on a transparency for using on any background they wish. I thought that when I saved my cutout in Remask, that it was on a transparency. Apprarantly not so. I work on an iMac, and use Lightroom 5 and Photoshop 5. Can anyone tell me how to save the cutout with a transparent background?

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    Re: Saving Mask using Remask 5

    Have you tried saving the image as a TIFF or PNG - these honour transparency whereas a JPEG does not


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      Re: Saving Mask using Remask 5

      Thanks for your reply. I have tried saving it as TiFF and PNG file, but no luck. I just now tried in Photoshop, and it let me save the background layer copy, but I don't know where it saved it to. Not sure whether my problem is with Remask, or that I am missing something in the Photoshop step.


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        Re: Saving Mask using Remask 5

        Originally posted by Sue S View Post
        Not sure whether my problem is with Remask, or that I am missing something in the Photoshop step.
        Do not think it is a Remask problem.

        If you are using Remask as a plugin from within PS ... when you finish masking and bring it back into PS ... make that layer the only layer active, and save as a png.

        ... don't forget to make a note of where it saves to.

        Maybe make a special folder for your PNGS and always save to that
        location to make'em easy to find.


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          Re: Saving Mask using Remask 5

          Thanks so much for your help. I have finally made it work. It was the extra open layer that was tripping me up. If it is of help to anyone else, here is my workflow from import to saved transparency:

          1) Import into Lightroom
          2) Edit in Photoshop
          3) Open in Remask ( making sure to choose the transparent background)
          4) Complete mask and return to Photoshop
          5) Hide original background layer , leaving only the new background copy visible
          6) Save as PNG to a new folder on my desktop ( not in Lightroom!)


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