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Request: Non-Photoshop tutorials

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  • Request: Non-Photoshop tutorials

    I see over and over again in the newsgroups complaints that there just aren't very many good retouching/restoring tutorials that don't focus on Photoshop.

    So, non-PS users, here's your chance!

    Put together an original tutorial for something...anything...relevant to retouching and restoring photos using your preferred software. Check out our existing tutorials section for ideas. Don't forget to include screenshots! Zip it all up and I'll take care of the formatting (or go ahead and format it yourself, and I'll make it fit).

    But they shouldn't just be reprints of stuff you've put up elsewhere (but feel free to add a link to your existing stuff).

    PS users, this doesn't let you off the hook! We still need your tutorials, too.
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    Take responsibility for learning

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    It seems as though things haven't changed much over the last five years or so. I began with Picture Publisher, which had no manual and little online help. My knowledge about using programs like this was zilch! It was *very* frustrating. After I acquired Photoshop, or a little before, there were a few sites coming on for Picture Publisher. So I know the feeling these other software users have. It ain't good.



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      Over the last two days, I've submitted several detailed responses to various challenges using "WinImages", a very powerful application that bears very little resemblance to Photoshop. WinImages has a boatload of layer modes (over seventy) and the tools it has don't follow the Photoshop mold, if you will. It is a *super* application for retouching and image manipulation.

      I tried to pick challenges that required different approaches, so each submission would highlight a different technique within WinImages.

      None of these have shown up yet, so I presume the moderator is busy, but they're done, anyway. Hopefully soon!

      Walt Richmond


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        non-PhotoShop Tutorials

        I mainly use Corel PhotoPaint. I would love to give some tutorials. I just replied to another thread about giving skin tones a good metalic look. I'll attach the file here too.

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          Neat. Here's a chrome version.

          1) select skin

          2) convert to monochrome

          3) apply histogram remap to all three RGB channels as shown in attached image

          How's that?

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            is there a source for winImages??


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              Hey, all you have to do is write your tutorials step by step and attach some image examples and send them to Doug. If you need further specifics, e-mail him and see what he wants. Also check out the tutorial section to see how the ones submitted were done. Love to have them added to the site so please give it a go.


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                Originally posted by photophil
                is there a source for winImages??



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                  Paint Shop Pro tutorials

                  I just realized that no one has yet posted a link to these pages of Paint Shop Pro tutorials:

                  The Jasc learning center, with many well-written tutorials:
                  Unlock new creative options fast with PaintShop Pro 2022. AI-powered Portrait Mode, Background Replacement and Style Transfer simplify complex tasks. Plus, new editing tools and workspace enhancements streamline the photo editing process for photographers of any skill level.

                  A few others:

                  and links from the PSP FAQ:

                  one more:
                  Khiba's Paint Shop Pro Tutorials for versions 7, 8, 9, X, X2 and X3. Learn many neat and useful tricks and techniques with JASC/Corel's great program. Newer tutorials are in video with audio format (SWF)

                  especially here, a cool tutorial on gamma/histogram:
                  Use the Gamma Correction in PSP6 or the Histogram Adjustment in PSP7 to uncover clues in darkness of a digital photograph.

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                    so does this mean anyone can offer tutorial to other prodycts that deals with image manipulation like the macromedia fireworks etc? can it also include website management like dreamweaver?


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                      Fireworks would be excellent. Dreamweaver might be appropriate over in the "your website" sub-forum under "software".
                      Learn by teaching
                      Take responsibility for learning


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                        I'd like to see more intermediate tutorials for:

                        Step into a world of endless possibilities with Painter. Bring your artwork to life with access to hundreds of realistic brushes, remarkable performance, endless UI customization options, and a professional collection of digital painting and editing tools.

                        Texture Maker

                        and also using KPT3, 5, 6, and Effects


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                          Is there...

                          Any PSP peeps here that would like a tutorial on doing pencil drawings?

                          If there is then i will when i feel alittle better do a tutorial on pencil and colour pencil sketching...


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                            Legacy~Art -- there are definitely a lot of PSP users here and it's a package that is definitely under-represented in the tutorials. So it would be great if you could write one when you feel up to it.


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                              Danny added this someplace but not sure if its cos i am getting tired but i cannot find it...

                              So if you have PSP and would like to do this...Colour pencil sketch...I have asked my friends via email to test this out and also for them to give me feedback and also to send me a picture they done with my tutorial its my first so be gentle with me...

                              Colour Pencil Sketch Tutorial for PSP.



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