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Deep Paint 2.0 - A Quick Start with A Free High End Painting Program

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  • Deep Paint 2.0 - A Quick Start with A Free High End Painting Program

    Deep Paint 2.0 is a versatile, high-end painting program. The creators pulled it off the market and decided to give it away for free. This tutorial will get you off to a quick start. If you get stuck, repeat the tutorial until you are familiar with all the program tabs. Then you can go wild with your creativity. [details]

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    Deep Paint 2.0

    I tried your tutorial but don't seem to get this program to do much of anything. A big problem... a brush sometimes works sometimes it does not. If it works the paint does show in a location completely different from where the brush tip appears.
    And yes, dragging with the mouse rotates the image and it is not the driver because I have the latest.
    How did you get it to do what you are showing in your tutorial?


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      Sounds like you are getting a delay on your screen refresh rate. What is the processor speed on your computer?


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        Deep Paint 2.0

        Running Pentium 4 at 2.8GHz. Processor speed lagging would eventually let the paint catch up with the cursor. Here it does not. The cursor and paint never coinside.


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          Hiya Photomaster,
          I've seen some of our interpritations on Re-touch Pro and just wondered, do you do them all with DP?.....I've just downloaded it, and was looking at your tute, it says there is a 40meg video tute to download, but I'll be damned if I can find it! am I missing it or has it been taken off?


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            Hello John,
            Good you have downloaded Deep Paint...I have had it for ages and really like it...heres a link for a few tutorials to get you started...just scroll down the page till you get to tutorials and they are all together...
            I am sure i have the manuel for it on my PC...will look tomorrow and let you know...maybe it ill have the page i downloaded it from or maybe i could zip it to you???



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              Thanks Patricia:- I've found the tute's you mentioned, all I need now is more hours in the day without the wife buggin' (if she sees this I'm only kidding love!).....John


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                Hello John

                I do have the Deep Paint manuel but its too big to zip to Retouch...pity as i feel lots of people would benefit having it....send me a PM if you want me to email it to you....


                PS...If anyone else would like the manuel just send me a PM and i will zip it to you...
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