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  • Software To Write QuickTime Tutorials

    Hello folks. If anyone has seen the numerous Russell Brown Photoshop tutorials, you will notice that he is able to demonstrate his techniques in real time using video and audio. What software do you need to do this type of tutorial like Russell does? I use a Mac laptop and wonder if you need any additional hardware. Any help is appreciated. Thanx steve

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    One of the better known video recording programs is Camtasia Studio by TechSmith at this URL

    Camtasia makes it simple to record and create professional-looking videos on Windows and Mac.

    Their program will record your application, all movement and your voice and allow you to make AVI's, Quick Times, DVD's, or Flash files of the tutorial you are teaching.

    It does a great job of compressing the file size so it is not terribly big.

    Its a bit pricey - but it comes very highly recommended.


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      Ray. Thanks for the reponse. I checked out the link you posted but that software only seems to be a Windows program and I use a Mac. Russell does his tutorials on a Mac as well so there must be something out there for a Mac. If you can lead me to a Mac link, that would help a lot. So far, through my search, I haven't found anything yet. steveb


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        Quicktime Tutorials

        There are several out there in the Mac World. One is Snapz Pro (Click Here)
        To find the latest versions of this kind of software I use this site Click Here
        Use Screen Capture for searching.

        Another Advantage of quicktime is that it can be highly compressed using quicktime's export options.


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          QT Tutorials

          Hi Phil. thanks for the link to Snapz Pro X. I got the demo and I'll probably order the program. It's exactly what I'm looking for. There are some things I wanted to find out if you know. I want to make the clearest but smallest Quicktime tutorials possible. Looking at some of Russell's podcasts or his numerous tutorials on his link, he can get the whole Photoshop window screen in his tutorial and make it appear much smaller than I can. I can't figure out how he is doing it. Also, he has a red circular magnifier to blow up menu items when he wants to enlarge them. How is he doing that? I don't have or want to order QT Pro, so is there another way to compress the tutorial? Appreciate your help. steveb


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            Quicktime Tutorials

            Sorry for the delay since I was out of town. I am not a quicktime expert but use it with final cup pro a movie making application. You may need to get quicktime pro to do what I recomend.

            At any rate after producing a Quicktime movie file you open that file in quicktime and then select File/Export. Then a dialog box comes up with several presets. In the video its best to select H264 which they say is the best compression algorhythm. There are several other options but you can then shrink the frame size down to something like 360/240 or some other mutliple. At any rate this info is in the Quicktime 7 users guide.

            What I do to figure out what to do is open up a file created by someone else and then use the file info command to get an idea of video size, comression method, data rate and stuff like that.


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              I haven't seen any of his tutorials lately, but I used MousePose for some presentations and it worked quite well - and it's free.

              HTH, Margaret
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                Hello Phil and Win. Thanx for your advice. I downloaded the MousePose and got the license. It's amayzing the info I get on this board. Now, will Mouse work with SnapZ Pro to highlight items? If so, how does it work? steveb


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