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need help with automated photo web gallery

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  • need help with automated photo web gallery

    Hi you pros you.

    I've discovered photoshops automated web gallery long ago. I use it when I have too many photos to upload and write code for by hand. This is a handy easy tool. BUT! It seems to have limits and I bet there are ways around them IF I knew. So... time to post a few questions.
    Any or all of these you may have answers for are greatly appreciated.

    1. In an older version of photoshop, when photo web gallery was done doing it's thing, (a real hoot to watch by the way) It would automatically open in IE to display the webpage. Now for some reason it tries to open in In Design, and I ALWAYS get some message it cannot open an html document because some plug in may be missing.
    I don't want it to open in In Design in the first place.
    Is there a way to reset this so it WILL open in a browswer?

    2. Editing the HTML page itself. I ALWAYS seem to have to tweak this by hand after it's all done. There is no way to leave much of a comment, no text box (other than the banner at the top) AND more importantly, I upload this to my website and usually put everything into a sub directory. ALL the images then have the wrong link. I need to open the HTML page and edit each and every image to include MY web domain name along with the sub directory the images folder is now in. For a project I have now, there are almost 200 images! WAY too many to do by hand this time.
    Any clue how to tell it the full URL of where the images folder and html page it generates will land????

    Guess that's all for now. BIGGIES though. Especially that last one.

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    hmmm, thats kind of odd

    ok, first, i think .html are somehow associated with indesign on your computer. When photoshop exports it wants to open in the default html reader, in your case indesign...weird.

    anyway, a possible fix is to right click on the html file, select open with, and select choose program....browse to ie...and make sure to click "always open this kind of file with this program" or something like. I havent used windows in a while, so it may be worded differently.

    As far as the images and urls....that is even more odd. you shouldn't have to change the address at all, because the html is pointing to your images folder which should be in a sub folder of your root.

    If you are using psCS, the webgallery automator does have a slew of options for you change before exporting the webpage....look through the help files if need be.

    Good luck


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      first no windows, mac here. I DO go open the file with the open with. Never saw any place to set it to do that from now on though. IF there is, (on a mac) Please tell me where.
      It's just a minor pain this automatically opening with indesign. I have to wait till it launches, gives me the warning it can't open the file, quit, then go open it with the file/openwith thing. A drag but doable.

      Now the thing where my images won't work is more of a problem.
      IF I were to put the images folder in my root directory it would work fine. BUT I do this quite a bit. Some family picturtes, some job pictures etc. Can't have more than one folder titled images in the same place. So I generally set up sub directories and put the images folder in there. And now the problem. Pages won't call up the images unless that sub directory is in the page code. Same for each image. Which means I have to go into the HTML and manually fix each image. This one project has 190 images. I sure don't want to do that!

      All the "settings" has to do with page layout. I don't see any place to fix the name of the directory. It always just puts images in an images folder. Can't call it "familyphotos/images" anywhere. And.... each image needs to have the same link to work. That's a TON of hand coding there. Has got to be a way around this.


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        >>Never saw any place to set it to do that from now on though. IF there is, (on a mac) Please tell me where.

        On a Mac....Do a "Get Info" on the HTML document. There should be an "Open With" pop up menu to select your browser. Under that popup menu is a button box to "Change All". Click that.


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          As far as the links getting lost... You must be missing something in the "Create Web Package" automator. I've never had a problem using GoLive to post galleries to my site.

          During the process, when you select the destination for the gallery images and HTML pages, create a new folder on your desktop and direct everything to this folder. Give the folder whatever name you want, but keep everything that Photoshop generates inside that folder.

          Copy the newly created gallery folder to any location in your site's folder. (I have a folder called "pages" that contain all my HTML pages and Photoshop generated gallery folders)

          In your HTML document (or GoLive) create a link from your "content" page (or where ever you're link _to_ the gallery is going to be located). Set the link to point to the "index.htm" that resides _inside_ your new gallery folder. (BTW, I always set these gallery links to open in a blank window). Upload both your content (linking page) and the new gallery to your host server into the exact same location as it resides on your local hard drive

          Below is a screen shot of my GoLive Site Structure. I created a PS Web Gallery of 4 photos into a Folder called "Paul_gallery". Put that folder into my "Pages" Folder then set a link on my "Content" page to the "index.htm" inside the "Paul-gallery" folder. Everything works just fine. You can check it out on my personal web page... Use the link to "Swampy's Neck of the Woods". You'll see the link to "Paul" in the content frame of my site. (I'll be taking this down from my site in a day or so, because I have limited space on that server).
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            ok, yeah, as far as i know you can't change the structure of the folders without changing the html as well. photoshop is limited like that with its web gallery.

            As a solution though, why not create seperate galleries via photoshop for, "family" "jobs" etc and then keep all those in one folder on your server


            you would just need to automate one batch at a time. It sounds like you want to organize your photos AFTER they are web ready, and the folder structure gets messed up when you add folders, etc. So you need to do your organization before hand. unless I am missing something.

            and with the html page opening in indesign...swampys way works, or ctr click>open with>scroll down and select other>bottom of finder window "always open with> that and choose safari, or IE, or whatever browswer you want.


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              hey hey Swampy thanks! Got the opening with Indesign thing fixed. So easy too!

              Ok now for the hard part.
              hmm, uh, well.... Hate to admit it being as I'm a "graphic artist" and all, but I never found time to learn go live or the nyfty copy of dream weaver I have.
              yes, I am a dynasaur! I still type html by hand. (my web host tells me I am his ONLY client who does things this way.) sigh.

              So unless there is a way to tell photoshop to name the pages
              myfamily/images and have all the images so titled so the thumbs call up the right images, it never seems to work.
              It SHOULD I know. If all folders and files are within the same sub directory they should find each other. But alas they don't. Sometimes I need to fix links to all be the full http://www. ---------
              Seems there is no way photoshop will do that then ah?
              Web gallery still saves me a ton of time. Looks like I'll still have to go edit code though. oh well.

              (As she kicks self in butt for not learning dreamweaver and catching up with the rest of the world!)


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                Create a folder called Family_Pics. In the Web Gallery automator, point to that folder as the destination for the gallery files. PS puts everything into a nice neat package inside that Family Pics folder.

                PS will have created a file called "index.htm" INSIDE the Family Pics folder. THAT is what you want to point your link to. The index.htm is the page that shows the thumbnails for your Family Pics. That index.htm contains all the links it needs to display any photo when you click on it, or if the user opts to use the included Next/Back buttons that PS has also generated.

                You cannot have two "index.htm" files within the same directory. Web protocol says that any "index.htm" file is the default page that opens when someone goes to your site. But this is okay with the index.htm that Photoshop creates because it will be hidden inside your Family Pics folder. You don't want to rename Photoshop's index.htm, because that is what all the thumbs and large images rely on to work. They just do it all from inside the Family Pics folder.

                I always set the link to the gallery's index.htm to open in a new window, because PS doesn't and I think it makes it easier for users to navigate back to the main page of your site by just closing the gallery window.

                I've never explored the esoteric stuff in GoLive, but it is a pretty good WYSIWYG page creator.


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                  uptade and a new problem

                  Hi again,

                  So...update here. It's really been a long time since I used the automated web gallery. SEVERAL photoshop versions ago as well as browser versions.
                  So... decided to try and see if the same old problem of images needing to be renamed still applies.
                  And it does not. All worked exactly as it should! Duah, should have tried first ah? So nevermind. All is well in the world.

                  Well.... other problems.
                  Before, say version 5 I think, the layouts for having images down the side and one big one in center, would never work. At least on my mac and at the time using Netscape. Only layout I could use was the simple page of thumbnails. Seemed it used frames and something just not right with it or my browser couldn't read it, or something.

                  Well now I see MANY more layout options and they ALL work fine. (Didn't try the flash ones.) So that's pretty cool. No frames either.

                  However, new problem. I found a place to add "comments." Just assumed some text would appear on the page, I put about three lines of comments.
                  Well! Crapola! UGLY text appeared straight across the middle of the first image. NOT under it, or next to it. OVER it. And not even all the text. It went clear off the end. Now I could NOT get rid of that! Couldn't even find in the html page how it did that.
                  I deleted the files, re set the thing for NO text, even tried varying the layout. Re did this about 8 times and each and every time the first image had the same ugly black text smack on top.
                  Finally I went to the origional image and renamed it. Did it again and the problem was solved. What what a pain!
                  Seems this is a very limited gadget. I'd like to put comments under each image but no way. Unless again, I go edit the html by hand. naaaaa. Settled for one text page with my comments and left the web gallery pages as they were generated. (I did add a meta tag to not index pages. No way to do that either.)

                  At least the old problem of my not being able to put files into sub directories doesn't apply anymore. I'm glad for that. This is still a fantastic way to get tons of images on line quick.


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                    You can use Bridge to rename your files with something descriptive such as "Grandson_Mike.jpg" or "Our_new_puppy.jpg" etc. These will show up as the file name, if you choose to show file names when you package your gallery.


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                      Yea I know. Too lazy. Just left the camera numbers. (190 photos remember!)

                      I hoped I could type a little bit by a few like "this was funny......"
                      But that's ok. This is still a nyfty way to upload a ton and make them available to family fast. Limits and all.

                      Thanks for the help though. At least now I have this set to not try and open in Indesign anymore. Nice to know.


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