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Tutorial Request - Apply Image & Calculations Commands

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  • Tutorial Request - Apply Image & Calculations Commands

    I know the "Apply Image" and "Calculations" have a lot in common, but that's about all I know about them, other than the fact that "Calculations" works only in grayscale. I don't remember these two things being used much in the challenges descriptions. Is it possible for someone to write a tutorial which would explain how to use these for best results? Okay Jak, are you going to write it, or help me in yelling for someone else to do it?


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    HELP! HELP! Hey, over here.... Ed needs some HELP with this...!!!!

    I've never used those functions, but I suppose it must be time to learn...

    While I'm reading the trusty manual and experimenting, maybe someone else will come along who already knows what to do with them...


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      You can use the blending effects associated with layers to combine channels within and between images into new images using the Apply Image command (on single and composite channels) and the Calculations command (on single channels).

      These commands offer two additional blending modes not available in the Layers palette--Add and Subtract. Although it's possible to create new combinations of channels by copying channels into layers in the Layers palette, you may find it quicker to use the calculation commands to blend channel information.

      Using channel calculations to blend layers and channels


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        Using the commands

        Using the Apply Image command:
        The Apply Image command lets you blend one image's layer and channel (the source) with a layer and channel of the active image (the destination).

        How to use the Apply Image Command

        Using the Calculations Command:
        The Calculations command lets you blend two individual channels from one or more source images. You can then apply the results to a new image or to a new channel or selection in the active image. You cannot apply the Calculations command to composite channels.

        How to Use the Calculations Command


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          Tutorials from Lycos....

          Apply Image Tutorial

          Calculations Tutorial


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            Very good! Thanks T.



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              You're welcome!



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