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    If anyone feels up to the task of writing an easily understood tutorial on advanced blending (Blend If), I would appreciate it, as I'm sure others would. I've seen a couple tuts, but the information is just not sinking in the way I had hopes for. I know it can't be that difficult!


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    Have you checked here already. The first four or five are about advanced blending?


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      Blend-if was around before advanced blending in v6 or higher, in-fact this POWERFUL tool has been around since layers in v3.

      I have been a big fan of this tool for a while and used to constantly talk about it on the Photoshop list - there I met another user who understood the power of this tool.

      Author Richard Lynch who has recently started posting on this site has many good ideas on this subject and his list is worth checking out. I have conversed with Richard both onlist and in private and have found him to be 'one of the good guys':


      Stephen Marsh.


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        Attached below is a small Photoshop layered file ZIP compressed.

        Double click the top layer and play with the upper layer gray blend if sliders. Also see what happens for the individual channel blend if instead of the composite gray levels.

        Reset the blend if on the upper layer and only move the lower sliders and see what happens.

        Combine both upper and lower slider results.

        Opt/alt click and drag to refine the blend if sliders (reduce/feather).

        Change the layer order and repeat the experiments above.

        I have always said that before layer masks are learned and used, new users should learn blend if first. It is amazing how much easier your masking and other isolating will be when you start using the sliders in addition to layer masks and other tricks.

        Stephen Marsh.
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          I love this site. You learn something new everyday. Thanks Ed for a good thread and Andrew and Stephen thanks for the excellent resources. I downloaded your zip, Stephen, to give it a try. I've never ventured into this area so it should be fun to play with and see what effects I can create.


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            Thanks guys. I've also downloaded the .zip file, but I haven't tried it out yet (coming soon). I have played around with a couple different images, but results were less than satisfactory. It seems like a great tool, and one I've wanted to learn. Thanks again.



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              Stephen and Andrew:

              You guys are AWESOME! These are great resources.

              Many thanks...



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                Stephen and Andrew: You guys are AWESOME! These are great resources.
                Great big Ditto! to that. You are also Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

                This is a subject I've put off too long, and now is a great time to really learn it.
                Ed-- You are also Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! for bringing this topic up for the rest of us.


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                  Hey! Watch your language. This site is rated for general audience! Maybe if there is enough interest, we could get a thread going to really get things straight in our heads (mine's kinda blocked up ). I need to get the time to check out all the links offered.



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                    Good news (I think) Richard Lynch sent me an e-mail, and asked just what it was I wanted to do with the image while using Blend If. Allthough he didn't promise, he gave me the impression that there's a very good chance he'll write a tutorial for us. I told him I didn't have anything specific in mind, but a tutorial addressing the basics of Blend If would probably be appreciated by more than just myself. For those of you who are where I am with advanced blending, I think this would give us a good foundation. What do you think? How many would be interested in that? I expect he'll be checking this thread again, and I wouldn't want him to go through all the trouble just for me. For what it's worth, Richard has helped us before on RP. Thank you Richard.