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    What's your favorite method for capturing screen items such as Photoshop palettes, menus, dialog boxes, etc.? What about annotating same (circles, arrows, etc.)?

    I currently use HyperSnap, which I like a lot. It has a configurable time-delay, so I can open menus or position my cursor just how I want it for the capture. It also has a lot of built-in annotation tools.

    What other apps are out there? Are any of them freeware? What about for Mac?
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    Some related links, the capture method mentioned is only for the native built in method for Classic Mac OS and Win OS. The info is on resizing and separating screen caps.

    Stephen Marsh.


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      I have Windows. I just hit the print screen button on my keyboard, and then do control-V into a document in Photoshop. It pastes it into a new layer.



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