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What is the Tutorial Publishing System?

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  • What is the Tutorial Publishing System?

    From now on, any RP member can directly publish their own tutorials, without having to email me, or wait for me, or generally without me slowing things down or making it just too darn hard anymore.

    Simply nav to Tutorials, click "Publish", read the brief instructions, and get on with it. Your tutorial will be published instantly, and you can edit it at any time.

    Additionally, the system will also automatically create threads in this forum for discussion of individual tutorials, along with a link back to it.

    All our previously available tutorials have been moved onto the new system. Now all we need is yours
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    Simply nav to Tutorials, click "Publish"...

    I don't see the Publish button anywhere.


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      When you're on the Tutorials page it will be towards the bottom of the flyout menubar.
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        Originally posted by Doug Nelson
        When you're on the Tutorials page it will be towards the bottom of the flyout menubar.
        Whatever and wherever that is. I see some new tutorials published, but I was told the publish button wasn't available because of system upgrades or something. So, after looking some more, I still don't see a publish button anywhere nor a "flyout menubar". My suggestion is that the publish button should actually be easily found on the tutorials page. This might be a possible page layout:

        Tutorials page
        If you would like to contribute a tutorial, click on the
        ---->>>****PUBLISH BUTTON***<<<-----


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          It sounds like your browser isn't displaying the navbar. We had some complaints about this 2 years ago, but it was upgraded after a couple of months and I think this is the first mention of a problem seeing it in months, if not over a year. There are several threads about it in the Website Feedback forum.

          On the plus side, I started phasing it out about 3 weeks ago. It will take some time though, since several software companies have to agree on a new standard.

          In the meantime, you can use this link to get you into the publishing system.

          If you have further difficulties, please ask in the Website feedback forum rather than in several different threads.
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            Thanks for the response.

            It sounds like your browser isn't displaying the navbar.

            I use Internet Explorer 6, which if I'm not mistaken is the most popular browser in the world(has an IE 7 come out?). I also know a little bit about website design, and you can incorporate browser sniffing to determine what browser is being used, and then serve up the appropriate html.

            Thanks for the link. I'll get started. I have a couple I want to publish.
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              Doug, did you develop the publishing system, or is it available like the forum engine?

              It is a terrific idea, and it seems to be the perfect addition to every forum. Do you often edit the tutorials or is it left at the discretion of the authors?


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                It's software called NePHP ( I very rarely edit, and usually it's for innocuous reasons (like mis-spelling Photoshop in the title, etc.). If I notice something important I'll normally just PM the author.
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                Take responsibility for learning


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                  Thank you for the information, Doug!!!


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