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Tutorial ideas


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  • Leah
    How to publish a tutorial
    by Leah
    Writing and publishing a tutorial using RetouchPro's tutorial publishing system. [details]
    08-17-2004, 03:18 PM
  • DannyRaphael
    Tutorial: Lighting Effects filter for Photo-art, Using the
    by DannyRaphael
    I was looking through a Photoshop book I hadn't looked at in some time and stumbled across the following...

    Hadn't seen this technique before, so I decided to give it a try. For such a simple technique, I was impressed with the results.

    Attached is an example applied against...
    06-29-2002, 12:29 PM
  • Blacknight
    Tutorial: Colored Pencil method (Blacknight)
    by Blacknight
    I took a picture of a Foxglove I have blooming in my yard. Three layers of original copied. Ran the sketch effect on top layer. Overlay hard light over the second layer filtered with smudge stick and set to hard light. Background darkened with curves so much that everything but the flowers was black....
    06-10-2002, 03:00 PM
  • DannyRaphael
    Tutorial: The BEST collection of Photo-Art tutorial links
    by DannyRaphael
    Click HERE to be taken to a thread listing gobs of links to photo-art tutorials from around the internet.

    Most are Photoshop specific (what can I say?), but there are a few for other applications such a Paint Shop Pro, PhotoImpact, etc.

    Want more? Surf this forum, too:...
    11-16-2002, 01:01 PM
  • jeaniesa
    Tutorial: Sketch, JeanieSa method
    by jeaniesa
    Phil mentioned a Deke McClelland tutorial video in his Photo-Based Art challenge #1, so I decided to try it out. I have to admit, I had a really hard time getting the same result as the tutorial, but after playing around with it for a while, I came up with something that is at least passable - I think....
    06-03-2002, 11:45 PM
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    Re: Tutorial ideas

    j4str, may I suggest that you try a month at, it's only USD 20 for a complete month (or longer if you don't cancel) and you can watch the tuts as many times as you want, they are based on different PS versions, too


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      Frequency separations in restoration workflow

      Could/would someone do a step-by-step restoration utilizing frequency separations? I am certain that this would benefit restorers but personally I am having difficulty developing a strategy for eliminating cracks, for example.

      There are many talented restorers in this forum and I hope that one of you might shed some light on the proper process -- step by step.



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        Re: Tutorial ideas

        Turning a picture of a full colour black womans dress to white and keeping the detail without it going silver


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          Re: Tutorial ideas

          I guess, with the pictures of each step, if there is a video version of that tutorial, it will be more helpful for the learners. Its just my personal opinion, i dont know what you guys think!


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            Re: TIL2C #2 Isolating Hair in low contrast image

            Originally posted by Elmer B View Post
            My second post (getting the hang of this!!).
            Isolating Hair
            +1 on hair - I'd like to see a 'difficult hair' retouch, to show the full range of techniques and approaches needed to isolate a model's hair from the background. Most tutorials seem to focus on one approach (e.g. the 'refine edge' function) and usually feature an example image that allows that approach to give good results. Most real-world examples will require a combination of different masking and retouching appraches to get a good finished result.