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  • Colorization

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    Just one of the many ways to hand color a photograph.

    As always, feel free to add any additional tips and tricks you might use.
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    NICE TUT!!!!!!!!

    Very nicely done--your hand colorings are super nice, so I'm sure we'll all benefit from seeing how you do it



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      And yes, that incredibly cute child in the samples is me as a baby...

      Jak -- your tutorial is so well done, that the only question I thought of was "who is that adorable child?!", and then you even answered that in your tut!

      Excellent work!


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        Thanks guys. Your comments are so kind.

        I love hand coloring. I've done it for years the old fashioned way, with Marshall's Oils and Prisma Color pencils. I only learned to hand color by computer within the last couple of years. I love the look of hand colored photos...


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          Where might one get ahold of one of those charts from Bruce Beard?



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            Where might one get ahold of one of those charts from Bruce Beard?
            Look at the MENU on the left of your screen - Click on Resources -- there you'll see the Bruce Beard Color Charts listed - if you have a PC, do a right click and 'Save Picture As" to download.


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              Thats you in the photo Jak? Did you know my uncle Thomas Edison?


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                Question about Jak`s colorizing tutorial

                The color charts are under Resources on the menu.
                What menu ? I can`t seem to find this one.


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                  The main floaty site menu on the right-hand side of the RetouchPro screen... move your mouse over it and it pops out. Click on Resources and you get the Resources page - you are looking for "Bruce Beard's Hair and Skin Color charts"


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                    Oh, THAT menu. Hehehe

                    That explainns why I couldn`t find it in photoshop.
                    Thanks , Leah.


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                      It all looks too easy but I guess as the man said practice makes perfect. Thanks also to Bruce Beard for his hair and skintones palettes.


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                        Hi, I am running photoshop 6 on a PC. and cant for the life of me see a "resources" button to the left of my screen so that I can access the skin colours etc. Can you help I would be delighted if I could find it.


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                          Val, are you looking for "Resources" within Photoshop or here on RetouchPro? The Resources link is actually here at the RetouchPro site in the menu that pops out from the side.

                          Hope this helps,


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                            Jeanie Thank-you, I now realise what it means


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                              Where to "save" beards samples in PS

                              Great tutorial! I've found the resources to download the skin and hair color samples, but where in Photoshop do I save it specifically?


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