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    Last edited by Doug Nelson; 07-24-2003, 01:03 PM.
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    Great tutorial Greg. Thanks


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      sure hope this kinda stuff helps. Since you appear to be someone who really wants to paint, that makes me interested in your progress, and anything I can do to help you I will do.


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        Greg, thank you so much, this is wonderful I thought you didn't do tuts, looks good to me!! "This kind of stuff" helps me alot, and I really appreciate what you're doing I also follow your non tuts very closely, I apologize that I don't always have time to post. But I am ALWAYS there, following your progress and trying to pick up on some of your techniques. Perhaps some day I will be able to accomplish what you do



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          Do you paint now? If so, what? Let's see some.
          Glad if it helps you.
          BTW, I don't do tuts, they're just snippits or notes w/pics.


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            Nice job Greg. It really looks authentic. Maybe one day I'll try my hand at something like that (but I should know better than to try).



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              Thanks Greg for the offer of help but becareful what you say, I may wind up becoming a real pest.


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                Painting Satin

                This morning, I wanted to explore painting satin for future projects. A test on me, if you will. I used PSP7 and a layer over original image method.  [details]
                Learn by teaching
                Take responsibility for learning


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