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    How to put images inside of text.
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    I just learned something new! I had no clue about this one till about an hour ago when I read it on a Photoshop newsgroup. This is cool...

    1. On a new layer, put the image you want to use inside the text

    2. Put your text on a layer below it

    3. Alt+click (Command+click for Mac?) on the line between the layers

    Voila! It's like magic. Slide the layers around until the part you want to use is showing through, then you can link the 2 layers to move and position it all at once.

    It doesn't put the borders around the letter as in the tutorial, but it's quick and easy and very cool.

    I wish I could remember who the tip was from, but I don't...


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      Jak, the method you picked up in a forum is called a "clipping path". It was the way that I was taught to do it, but now you've given us "yet another way to do it in PShop".

      Your tutorial has reminded me that there are a number of new features in PS version 6 (shapes, etc.) that I haven't learned to use yet, and new things to do with clipping paths, I think.

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        hey thanks for the great is like magic

        for the MAC (at least mine), it is option + click


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          In PS 7, you can add a border to your type by making your type layer active and going to LAYER>LAYER STYLE>STROKE and selecting the color you want for the outline.



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            Images in Text

            Here are some basic steps to inserting images into your text. [details]
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