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  • Lightening shadows

    I need to know the technique for lightening shadows on faces. I have a photograph with a cast shadow on part of a person's face and need to lighten or eliminate it. There's a book that explains it and I sat in a seminar that taught this, but I can't find my notes! Thanks.

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    Just use levels or curves to adjust the shadow area to how you want it, take a snapshot, then revert your image and use the history brush to paint it back in. If your image is suitable for a tutorial (ie: you have permission from the subject) email it to me and I'll make one.
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      Addintg to the above, try these actions.

      click here

      the action is "dpreview actions v.o6a"

      I think its name is "coming out of the shadows"...........something like that..... Or "shadow lifter". For rgb use.
      You can also edit the black channel as well if your in cmyk.



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