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Trying again!

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  • Trying again!

    my original posts had 0 views. so I'm asking again.

    Has anyone ever used these?

    I have no access to PS training in my area, and I find following written tutorials difficult.

    Will these be very helpful? Any critiques?


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    very interesting!

    on my screen, that first thread shows number of views as -

    whatever that means!

    thanks for your reply!


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      Re: Trying again!

      hi sjm. I have not watched that video, but did you notice the link to the retouchpro review.

      I realize this still doesn't answer the question about how easy it might be to understand, but at least this says the content is good.

      BTW, I watched the Total Training Photoshop course (for version 6). Deke's approach is to focus on tools, what they do, and how to use them. I thought his coverage was very good, but I did find his style tedious after awhile. Still, I'm glad I watched this.

      Here's the link


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        to see if following a video is a good thing for you check the video's out at or the adobe exchange. They are free. You need quicktime to play them and if you have a slow connection it can take time. You can download them and once downloaded they stay in you windows temp folder till you leave the site. Before you leave you can then copy them to another folder and watch them as often as you wish.



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          I moved your original post over to the Education forum, which is set up for discussing books, videos, and tutorials from other sites. This particular forum is set up to discuss tutorials submitted by our users via our tutorial publishing system.
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