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  • Eye Enhancement

    Using Photoshop 7.0 [details]

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    Looks like one image didn't make it. Try the Edit link and seeing where it went. (make sure you save a local copy first, just in case)

    Hint: you can center align images. Just select them and hit the center align button.

    Edit: on closer examination, that one image was uploaded as a BMP file, which won't display on the web. Swap it for a JPG or GIF and all should be fine.
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      Fantastic! Super tutorial on bringing an image to life! Did you by any chance work at Burrell's?



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        Took me a while to get the images straight, but I think I got it all OK along with typos.

        Er--crap! ED! Arrgh! Shhh! I don't want to get sued!

        Ya, ya ya, I started out with Burrell, and I was a contractor for a lot O labs. The best was Imperial, y'know, got to retouch the nekkid ladies that would go in the nekkid playboy thing. Hoo boy.


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          I have just been dodging and saturating eyes on a different layer until now. I like this technique and will have to give it a spin. Thanks for posting this one man. I just got my first light (alien bee) and am starting to practice people photographs. I'm thinking this will be a big help.


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            THANK YOU FOR THE REFERAL TO YOUR TUTORIAL. However, how do I set my IBM Laptop A31p to view the sample images you posted??? I do not see any images on my old computer or my new computer (which is loaded with memory) I only see a square box with a Red X in the middle. I can view photos on all other forums that I visit without any problem. ANY SUGGESTIONS WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED.



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              Red X's

              Check out this link for help with those red X's.



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                THANK YOU


                Thank you for the information. Now I see all images for the first time since I joined this forum. I even see the smiles faces. Have A Wonderful Thanksgiving Weekend.



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                  This is definitely one I'm going to try. Making the eyes pop is, in my opinion, the single most important touchup technique. Even whitening teeth comes in second, albeit a close second. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Definitely a thumbs up.


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                    Very nice tutorial!


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                      This is a great tutorial!

                      But what is spraying?

                      There's also this bit near the end:
                      Check her out under the eyes, do you see the strokes, the funny highlights where eyebags should be? My doing.
                      Unless he's still talking about the iris, I really don't see them.



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                        Spray, like this stuff that comes out, turns into thick shiny junk on the print, to make it all pretty. They'd take the print, floppy piece of paper, then mount it on a board all stiff-like, then begin squirting the spray all over it.

                        Under her eyes, well, she had dark rings under her eyes. Eyebags. Old fashioned retouching worked on the principle of cancelling out a color with it's compliment. So say somebody had a big red zit on their forehead, on a negative it is colored green, it's direct compliment on the color wheel. So I can take red dye on that green zit and cancel it out. If you look close under her eyes, you can make out the brush strokes, sort of white-looking. It was just an old negative I had that I scanned to do eye enhancement on.


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                          Thanks K

                          Now I understand. The white lines are in both closeups because they were already on the negative before the eye enhancement. That's flawless work, K! They're very hard to notice even after you told us.


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                            Read this one before and used it for quite a while. Found a little touch-up to it:

                            Paint with solid color and brush the same shape, then applied render/clouds to it. Made it a little easier to "fluff it up"



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