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Using Shadow/Highlight to enhance your photos

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  • Using Shadow/Highlight to enhance your photos

    New in Photoshop CS, shadow/highlight. It's sort of a filter but found under Image>Adjustments. Check it out. [details]

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    I still have PS7, and I've been wondering how that worked. Looks like it has a lot of potential.



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      Hmmm, posting before thinking or testing, always stupid, but...

      It looks to me like this can be done in PS7 using the inverted luminosity channel as a mask and a layer with Blend mode Luminosity? (Or some other blend mode).

      If any of you gurus out there could verify this, it would be quite easy to build an action for it, wouldn't it?

      (Looking for arguments not to update to PS CS! )


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        I'm not all that impressed with this feature, and I do think similar results can be achieved through other means.
        Here's a link to a tutorial I wrote quite a while ago. I think the results are similar.

        Also, I'm not that impressed with the Color Match feature either. I have not gotten it to work as it should on any images.


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          Just what I thought. I did a comparison on a ramdom photo of mine of Luminosity vs Desaturate and it was a 99% match. Of course it's nice to have old fatures combined into one-click solutions, but...

          Thanks Vikki!


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            Sheri's Shadow-Highlight action

            I have an action(Sheri's Shadow-Highlight). Forgot where I got it from. But the read me is from this person below. This action works the same way as the one in CS. Try it out. Your going to have to ask her where its at, by e-mailing her for the link.

            Sheri Pierce
            [email protected]


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              I saw Sheri's action yesterday on this site...

              BTW, I think one of the best parts about the Shadow/Highlight adjustment is its flexibility. Click on Show More Options and see what else can be done. Having said that, I found that if used improperly, it can wreck an image!



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                And Twang also has an action for it. I discovered I've had it all the time