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Bringing Back the Detail of a Severely Faded Signature

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  • Bringing Back the Detail of a Severely Faded Signature

    Normally we restore photographs of people and places; however, we may also encounter a document that needs to be restored. Document restoration may involve restoration of handwriting, including signatures.

    This tutorial is about restoring a very faded signature from a document. Be advised, this tutorial has a number of steps and will take a little time, but the results are worth it. This tutorial was done with Photoshop 5.0 and will work with all newer versions.

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    This topic has come up here more than once. Thanks for the tutorial on the subject.
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      Re: Bringing Back the Detail of a Severely Faded Signature

      Hello I've got a picture of the signature I need restored, but the computer tutorial is over my head.
      do you do this for a fee?
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