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One easy way to make a difficult selection

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  • One easy way to make a difficult selection

    A 'Step-byStep' on how making a 'Difficult' Selection 'Easy' (Photoshop 7.0.1) [details]

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    Hi Flora,

    For some reason, none of the images are viewable. Looking forward to taking another look.



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      No images for me either. It does look as though it will be handy once the illustrations are in, though - thanks for taking the trouble to write this up!


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        Hi Ed, Leah,

        Thank you for warning me about the images....

        (aaaarrrrrggghhhhh!!!!) I was having the same problem as last time .....
        (I'm starting to get an "upload images for tutorial" complex!!!

        The images should be up now .... Please, could you let me know?


        Last edited by Flora; 03-05-2004, 01:58 AM.


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          All looks fine now - and covers what can be a tricky subject very clearly. Good job!


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            Thank you very much, Leah!


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              A big thankyou from me for an excellent tutorial.



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                What a winner!! Excellent tutorial for a complicated task. Thank you *very* much.



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                  Looks great Flora. Can't wait to try it out in PSP8 (I'm sure it will work without too much extra effort!).


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                    Christine, Ed, BigAl,

                    Thank you so much for a great feedback!


                    I really hope you can use this technique in PS8 .... It's really a great time saver!!!


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                      As with your other tutorials, you communicate your thoughts very clearly. Thanks for sharing your expertise on a task that can be so time consuming.
                      Although I've used similiar methods (which required more work), it seems your innate ability to describe details makes this a very well done and usable tutorial without being overly verbose.
                      Nice Job!


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                        Great tutorial here Flora! You have helped me out bigtime here.


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                          Yes .. I agree

                          i've been experimenting with it.... does well .... especially the tree line..

                          I cutout many things and the real jewel for me is the single chanel ... never occurred to me and will be a big help even when using the wand.



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                            LQQKER, Jeff L, rondon,

                            ...Thank you so much for your great comments!!


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                              Wonderfull Flora ---- >>>> Thanks


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