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    Well, I have been here for several weeks now. I have been looking and looking at the great work you all do. However I am so frustrated as not able to convert your actions to psp. Is there anyone out there who would be willing to post some pictures needing retouch and then post a tutorial on how to restore it using psp??

    I will be using a friends photoshop 6 version soon, and will be getting the new CS2 when it comes it yet?? I would love to accomplish something with psp8 , rather than just wishing I could do some of the functions, and do what you all do. Thanks Neb

    Whaaa~~~~ Whaaa ~~~~I know but I am soooo wanting to learn !!

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    Don't know if these are specifically for version 8, but you can find some PSP links here.
    Hope it helps!


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      Thanks Amanda:
      I am going to try some of the tutorials for psp8. I was looking for one to learn how to do masks like in vikki's tutorials so I can learn how to work on faces. I will try to find one that might work in psp. I appreciate your post. There are some good one's there. Neb


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        You may want to check out the links in this thread.

        Plenty of links here:

        You can do most things with PSP that you can with PS.


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          There are 143 Photo Retouching links here......


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            And, of course, you can always publish your own PSP tuts in our Tutorials section
            Learn by teaching
            Take responsibility for learning


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              PSP8 Tutorials

              I actually use PSP8 almost exclusively for all my retouch and graphic design work. There are only a few effects or features that PS has that would even tempt me to switch over to tell the truth. I have not tried version(s) 9 yet but have been a PSP nut since version 3 way back when.

              I am a bit busy this weekend what with the holiday and all but next week I will be uploading some of my work next week and starting some of my tuts and such after that. One big helper I found out how to do is converting Photoshop Brushes to PSP8 format. I will check into the actions/PSP8 script thing and see what i can come up with. Personally I prefer PSP8's interface and think it more than holds its own but PS is the standard and admittedly does better work on some effects

              Looks like a great community here, hope to get to know some of you guys soon. Should be fun


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                thanks for the links, folks

                there's some amazing resources within those links and links to other links. i've spent quite a bit of time downloading tubes, presets, shapes, gradients, brushes and all sorts of other useful things.

                i found one script that i've already tried. it's a script for making picture frames. i had to alter the 'file open' part in the script, because apparently the person who wrote the thing uses drive D: as his main partition. but otherwise it worked pretty well.

                and, since nebgranny is looking for tutorials, check out any download which is a 'quickguide'. these are interactive tutorials you can run WITHIN paint shop pro. i found a couple, but havent tried them yet. you might also try a google search on 'quickguides' and see if you can find more. these are potentially an excellent means of doing tutorials. you dont have to have both your psp open and an separate tutorial open at the same time. AND, they can be interactive, meaning the tut tells you or shows something and you can respond to the tut directly. very slick. hmmm, i wonder if psp 9 allows you to write those?



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                  ....told you I wouldn't give up ....

                  The first two deal with colour correction in particular ... the rest are lists of/links to PSP Tutorials ....

                  Photoshop can work miracles on your images. Learn how to use it like a pro.

                  Big Al posted the general index of my last site, but here is the link to its photo retouching links...

                  I strongly agree with Doug .... why not write your own PSP Tutorials for RP? ...


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                    flora, you are a dear. if i were 20 years younger....

                    thank you



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