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    Can anyone guide me in where to find tutorials on selecting an object/area within a photograph so that I can use it elsewhere.

    I have been using Paintshop pro for a short while and now I have only just purchased a 2nd hand version of Photoshop7 but have scoured the web in search of such a tut.

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    Hey There!

    I just did a quick Google check and came up with 205,000 hits! There are so many different ways to select parts of an image it is overwhelming. It really depends on what you want to select. Different methods for different goals.

    After you find the right's all practice man!


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      There are numerous ways to make a selection. One popular tool is the lasso tool:

      1. Open your image in Photoshop
      2. Select the Lasso Tool:
      3. Use it to outline the area you want to select
      • To draw a freehand segment of the selection, simply drag the mouse.
      • To draw a straight-edged segment of the selection, hold down the Alt/Option key and click at the desired beginning and end points of the segment.

      4. Copy and paste the selection on a new layer (Ctrl+C/Command +C to copy and Ctrl+V/Command +V to paste)


      Drag Between Documents
      You can copy a selection from one document to another by dragging it on top of another document while using the marquee or lasso tools. Hold Shift to center the selection in the second document (this will also keep the selection in the same position if both documents are the same size).

      These links may help:
      Photoshop Selection Tools

      Photoshop Selections: Back to Basics

      Paint Shop Pro Selections: Back to Basics
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        Hi Scribbler,

        You've asked a question to which there is no clear cut answer. I does depend greatly on the subject you wish to select and the background you wish to select it from.

        In many cases, you will probably find you use a range of techniques. The ones T Paul has given you should give you a good grounding on which to build.

        But as Jeff says, its all about practice. There just is no substitute for it, and as you practice, your judgement of which tool to use for which type of selection will improve.

        Good luck, and have fun with your selections.

        PS. Try this tutorial from Jay Arraich
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          Try this , it may be what you are needing.In fact it is I think better taught than what Eismann does in her book [which I can't find so I only guess at the correct name] [Found it- man was I supposed to pay that stack of bills that was on top of]

          Photoshop Masking&Compositing

          Good times learning
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