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  • hmm...tutorial

    Does anyone have a place where there are tutorials that go step by step with talking? I find that those help me a lot more than just reading it.

    I know there was one posted here, but I just can't find it. It had to do with the hi-key effect...I think.

    Anyways, does anyone have a good website with step-by-step tutorials with voice/showing you how to do it on the screen?

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    I found this web site only yesterday think it might be what your after but i havent had a good look at it yet
    hope it will be some use to you


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      Oh my gosh...that's the site I was at before and really liked!

      I have the full version of photoshop now, so I will be able to accomplish so much more.



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        While this seems like a very nice site, keep in mind they are using older versions of PS. One tut was using PS5. There have been major changes since then. It may be a little confusing.



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          Originally posted by xxpaperdollxx
          Does anyone have a place where there are tutorials that go step by step with talking? I find that those help me a lot more than just reading it.
          I'll keep my eyes open for that sort of tut as I'm surfing

          I don't know your location, xxpaperdollxx. but in UK we have a magazine called "Digital Photo" which has excellent CD Rom/DVD photoshop video tuts and graphic freebies. Have a look in your local newsagent for Digital photography mags and see if any of them do the same thing

          Scroll to 'On this month's CD...'

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            Sound is good but movies are better for me. There are several excellent quicktime tutorials on the web. The nice thing about them is you can follow along hit the space bar and replicate what they are doing on your computer.
            Quicktime is a free movie application from Apple Computer
            Take a look at:

            Click Here


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              Movie Tutorials..

              Hi everyone - has quicktime movie tutorials that are quite good. Not sure if you have to be a member of NAPP to view.
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                NAPP (Photoshop User membership)

                I've belonged to the NAPP ever since I started trying to learn Photoshop. It's $99 per year and besides getting all sorts of info at their site, they put out a great magazine about 10 times a year, have a variety of discounts ... and have a very responsive help desk with some great staff manning it.

                There is also a yearly (maybe more often) 3 to 4 day conference that has many many really good training sessions.

                In my opinion - one of the best paybacks for less than $10 a month.


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                  I don't know if you've seen these guys, but they have the first couple of chapters as teasers before you buy their CD's

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