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    I’m seriously thinking about getting a Wacom Intuos 3x4 tablet. I am presently using just my Microsoft Optical Intellimouse. What do you think of your tablet and what are the features you like? What do you think is the best tablet for the price?


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    I bought the Intuos2 about a month ago. Cost about $330. So far I really like it. Makes restoration more controlable. I also like the cordless mouse.

    I have not got around to setting it up completely though. Looks kind of complicated. Wacom also has a free cd on using the tablet. Call 1-800-922-1490 and ask for powertips cd.

    Nothing negative to report.



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      hey sharon

      i can't speak for the intuos, i have a graphire which was the cheapest one out there, i think it was $89. i can't imagine restoration without it. the control is so much better. just the other day i was thinking, i really use my lasso more for selection than anything else now because it is so pen feeling, i just "draw" around the edges.

      and the sensitivity - just the lightest touch to givin it all you've got, it comes through. i do love it.

      and i am even more impressed with the things you've done knowing you did it with a mouse. can it be?


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        I have the Intous 9x12 and I love it!!!

        You can't beat the Wacom for control. It does take some getting used to but once you do! You will wonder how you did without it.

        Get the largest one you can afford, and have space for. You won't be sorry.

        Paul Rupp


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          I use an old 4x5, which works well, but I do sometimes wish it was a) bigger, and b) USB.

          If budget is seriously constricted, I'd go with a small Intuos2 over a larger Graphire. The Graphires are nice, but resolution is what we're after, and the Intuos2 has a lot more in the same space.

          I know people that have bought bigger pads and gotten the mouse and even the airbrush...they don't use them.
          Learn by teaching
          Take responsibility for learning


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            i don't understand what this means: <The Graphires are nice, but resolution is what we're after, and the Intuos2 has a lot more in the same space. >

            ? resolution? how so?


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              It's a pressure thing. The number of steps the tablet can differentiate between zero pressure and full pressure. It's been awhile since I looked at the specs, but I seem to recall the Intuos pads could sense 4x the number of 'steps' between full and none.

              The Wacom site can explain it much better than I can. There are other, related differences as well. Seek, and ye shall find, then ye shall share back here (hopefully).
              Learn by teaching
              Take responsibility for learning


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                I have a graphire tablet but hardly ever use it as I have better control with my optical mouse...I think, however, that a larger and more full featured model would make a huge difference..the suggestion to get an Intous in a medium to large size is probably the correct way to go....just my opinion though. Tom


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                  Hey Sharon,

                  Remember all those dreaded "bird" selections we had to do?

                  Welllll, when I got my Wacom about this time last year, tried it out late one night on a wicked sea bird. I woke Mr. W up howling "WOW!" and giggling at the difference in the ease of selection....haha

                  Have found lots of other things to love about it since.

                  I have Intuos 4x5/USB. Little, but does all I need to date...and will tuck right in to travel with a laptop. :-)

                  Get it!!!!


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                    Thanks so much for voicing your opinions. You’ve all helped me make up my mind. Next weekend I am going shopping for the Intuos2.



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                      I think once you do you will never go back to drawing with a mouse. Mine's the Intous 6x8. I like the size and the degrees of sensitivity. Can't speak for the Intous 2.

                      Don't forget to let us know how it goes when you get it. We love hearing about new toys.


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                        Hi DJ,

                        I love new toys too. I'll be glad to post my progress with it.



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                          I called Wacom and asked what the main difference was between the old and the new, the pen in the main difference, it has a different design. The sensitivity and speed are the same in both models. I was also told that there was some new technology in the Intous2 model. I asked if it made a difference in the performance and was told "No, not any difference" "Just the pen design and feel".

                          Hope this helps!!

                          I love my 9X12

                          Paul Rupp


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                            Great, now I don't feel like I'm missing anything much with the Intous 2. Thanks, I was wondering what the difference was.


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                              ditto what dj just I was sulking, now I am happy again. ROFL!



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