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Weird OS 10.2.8/Photoshop Problems

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  • Weird OS 10.2.8/Photoshop Problems

    I recently purchased a Cannon Rebel xt and downloaded photos to my computer using i-photo. I attempted to open 5 or 6 of them in photoshop and it didn't work. Since then I can't drag and drop files into photoshop. I can open them by going to the open menu but I can't drag them onto the dock icon or the program icon in the applications folder.

    My OS has also started doing weird stuff. No freezes but random waking up and really random problems. For example ejecting a CD will put my computer to sleep and the volume buttons will bring up the System Preferences Sound Preferences. Sometimes when I drag icons on the desktop they will randomly create aliases even though no keys are pressed.

    I've tried running all sorts of utilities and safe booting. I've also re-installed the os, photoshop CS and the camera software. I've thought about investing in Norton Utilities or Disk Warrior but I don't want to start buying software at random if it's not going to do anything. I've been using the computer for a while now and I've never seen anything this strange.

    Any ideas?

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    When you reloaded your OS, did you do a full re-format, or just a repair install.
    If the former, then that eliminates any chance of a malicious program (spyware) being the cause, if the latter, you could have a malware problem.

    Could also be a temperature problem, are your fans working OK, and have you checked to see they're not blocked and that any filters are clean.


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      i agree with gary. make sure you're doing a full 'format' command on the partition with the o/s. also, add the arguement /u . the /u means unconditional and will wipe everything from that partition. no little sneaky bits left over.

      but, i'm guessing, like gary said, you've got either a heat problem or, a drive is going bad on you. i lean towards the drive. and that means, back up all your data you dont want to get lost when it finally does crash. drives will often go bad in increments. you'll start having write problems or read problems. icons wont stick to the desktop right or you'll get constant scandisks coming up when you first boot up the machine. but, heat can do these types of things also.

      if you have no heat monitors on your machine, get one. 'desktop monitor' is a decent program for this, and i believe there's still a free version out there. i think 'Everest' has a heat monitor built in also, though maybe not as comprehensive as 'desktop monitor'.

      when you re-format, especially the o/s partition and re-install the o/s and you still get the same problems you had, then hardware problems are where you look next.



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        Heat... I hadn't though of that. I'll check for that tonight. I hadn't wanted to re-format completely but it looks like that would probably help also. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll give them a shot. Hopefully it's as simple as that. Thanks!


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          Sounds like a known issue that I read about on the Adobe forums.

          There's some missing library/help file... something in the User folder- Application support...script. Check Adobe's Photoshop forums.


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            Thanks Swampy

            Here's what I found on the forum
            This is most commonly due to installing Photoshop CS before doing an archive and install of Mac OS10.3.
            The easiest solution is to reinstall Photoshop CS after you have installed Mac OS10.3 or OS 10.4
            Easiest way to reinstall Photoshop without disturbing the original install is to install to your desktop. after the install is done just trash the Photoshop folder on the desktop.

            I have OS 10.2.8 so I'm not sure if it'll help but I'll give it a shot.


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