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  • Flashes..

    I have the Canon S2 IS and it really annoys me that it has a problem where it sometimes focuses on background objects rather than your subject. Another thing that I hate is red eye. It has no hot shoe to add an external flash.

    I'm thinking of selling it and the $200 worth of accessories I bought and getting a Digital Rebel XT. Some of you may know I was looking into this some time ago.

    Here's two concert pictures I took.. the first one the guy on the right has red eye, but I am certain the others would have too if they were open..

    This one you can see the singer with red eye:

    I'm not saying those are great pictures or anything.. I have others that I gave to the band. I'm just saying they could have been better and some shots that were ruined because of red eye could have been good. Those two I provided as an example.

    Let's say I get the Rebel XT and get an external flash that is adjustable. Where do I point the flash in relation to people's eyes to get a shot that has no red eye?!

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    Generally an external flash is far enough away from the lens to avoid redeye. Other options may be to bounce flash off ceiling, side wall, etc. or get a camera with an external sync socket so you can utilize strobe light systems or even attach something like a Metz flash that you can also handhold and move around for different lighting effects. BTW, nothing wrong with the XT but unless you have Canon lenses already, you might want to consider cameras like the Nikon D70 and D50. I "hear" the accompanying stock lens is better quality than the XT lens. Also, if possible find a store that has a 15 day return policy. That way you can play with a few different types and perhaps avoid making another buying error.



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      Thanks for the info. I'd prefer to stick to the Canon line because it'll operate the exact same as what I have now and I'm still not done learning this camera. So, I can take what I learned here and import it into Rebel XT. I'm not worried about stock lenses because I'll buy one later.

      My friend has the EOS 10D or something like that.. or maybe the 1D not sure. He is a professional photographer tho. He has a good job. He works for a place that manufacturers women's clothing and he makes up their catalogs. He also films weddings and stuff on the side.

      He has this huge flash that has a big white semi-clear like bubble on top. I have no idea what that does.

      I was reading a review of Sony's new R1. The review said that Digital SLR's don't show you in real time on the LCD screen the image?! What are they delayed a second or two?!


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