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    Why is it that when the warranty expires so does the product?

    Well my Sony monitor is starting to have loud static-like pops, goes black, then the image returns. I performed a Google search and it didn’t produce promising results. It appears to be a fairly common, although ignored problem. Luckily I believe my monitor is actually still under warranty so perhaps I can get it fixed. I've done all the troubleshooting steps without any change. I tried Sony’s LIVE CHAT but got the run around...not an encouraging sign, but I will try calling tomorrow and hope I get better results…keep your fingers crossed.

    Anyone else out there with this monitor or one that "pops"?

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    One of mine pops, but doesn't go black (yet). It is (as I understand it) a pretty serious problem. If it's under warranty, take advantage of it (although you might find that monitor warranties actually suck).
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      Well I called Sony....not very encouraging. They discontinued the model in 2002 (hmmmm, I bought it in 2003), but it is still under warrenty which is good. They won't tell me anything over the phone until I fax them a copy of my sales receipt and they won't accept email. So I will have to fax it out tomorrow. I asked if it was a common problem with the unit (considering I have read it was and might explain why the discontinued the unit,) but of course they said they had never heard of such a problem. I guess I will have to wait and see what they do after the fax. I am suppose to fax my receipt, wait 4 hours for them to enter it into the system and then call them. Must admit I probably wouldn't buy another Sony.
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        Talked with an engineer friend at work and his guess is it's the capacitor going bad. Supposedly, Sony monitor's are notorious for having this problem, but only with the original capacitor. Seems after it is replaced then you are in good shape.
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          It makes you wonder what their business model is if they don't seem to take an interest in problems with their products... or an interest in their customers for that matter.


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            Sony Saga….

            Well Sony sent me a refurbished unit to replace my existing monitor since it is under warranty. I had to pay to ship my old unit back though.

            I got the refurbished unit and it is defective (lucky me). It is dropping colors in the lower left section of the screen. Also the Artisan Color Correction Unit they sent with the monitor was not in the best of shape. The hood had stains on it, the color correction spider’s cord had nicks in it and they didn’t ship the Velcro tabs to mount the hood to the screen. But what really bothered me was when I called to tell them the monitor was defected; they wanted to know what I used it for (hobby or professional). So if it’s hobby, well you don’t need all the colors (despite the fact that you paid a whole heck of a lot of money for a professional screen).

            I am in the process of trying to get a second refurbished unit sent out, but so far I am getting a lot of run around. The first two weeks I was told to wait and see if the monitor would improve, then to unplug it from my surge protector and plug it directly in the wall and so on. Also, each time I called it was an hour process and they kept routing me to different people and giving me different numbers to call. After two weeks, I finally got someone to talk to me and arrange for a new refurbished monitor to be sent. However, when I called today to check on a tracking number…4 days later….they said they don’t have any units and would get back in touch with me. Personally, I think they are waiting until the warranty expires.

            Needless to say, I am not very impressed with Sony.


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              I called back again since I never heard back from anyone, and this time they said they have no record of a new unit being set-up to send to me. So I get yet another "event id" (think I have 5 now) and yet another lengthy phone call supposedly resolving the issue. I'll call back tomorrow to see if it's true or not and whether they will give me a shipping number.

              Not a happy camper at the moment.


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                I feel your pain. I came |this| close to buying an Artisan, but now I'm glad I went with Mitsubishi instead (still with a Trinitron tube, though).
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                  Consider yourself very lucky.


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                    Well as of today still no replacement monitor for the faulty one they sent and now it's starting to blur in and out. I keep calling and keep getting the run around. They haven't even shipped the replacement yet.


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                      oh my. I didnt know sony was that bad. I have 2x21" dell trinitron tubes. since 2002. i'm just lucky that mine still works. sorry to hear about your case.

                      here is the irony, trinitron tubes are actually made in singapore and I'm in singapore. from what i know, sony really did close the CRT plant down only to be replaced by LCD plant. still am wondering where are they going to get a new tube.


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                        Well I FINALLY got my replacement monitor. Took long enough! So far so good too. No areas void of color and so far no poping, blurring or shimmying...but I just hooked it up so give it time (smile). Still no velcro tabs to adhere the hood for the monitor, but my fourth request for them hopefully will work....that or I will just go to the local hardware store and buy some velcro. It does seem overly saturated with color, but perhaps the other monitor was just washed out (it was dropping color) and I got use to it. I haven't done a print test yet, but I am optimistic that the monitor is working (she says while holding her breath and crossing her fingers).

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                            T, Thanks for your documentation of your experiences with this monitor and with Sony's "Customer Service". It may be helpful to someone here now or in the future, and I'm sure that was one reason for your posts.

                            I've crossed my fingers hoping that all goes well with this monitor.

                            I grew up when we still went to local businesses for purchases of goods/services, and customer service was truly important to most businesses to keep us returning. Sadly, the internet is filled with pages of angry consumers venting over the lack of service, lack of expertise, and lack of concern experienced at many companies over the last decade or so. (, etc.)

                            I believe that the customer still counts, but with 6.4 billion consumers in the world, I guess many companies think they can always find another customer. The old advice about it being easier to keep a customer than find a new one doesn't seem to carry as much weight.

                            There must be a successful way to harness all the pent-up anger of ignored customers, and aim it at someone who cares...
                            .....unless no one is left who cares?


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