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Monitors- LCD vs. CRT

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  • Monitors- LCD vs. CRT

    Before I got my current monitor (19" Trinitron) I looked into getting an LCD, but I just could not get over the fact that whenever I moved my head to the side, the screen would change.

    Is anyone familiar with an LCD that does not exhibit this? I would love to have one for space and eyestrain purposes but until the technology gets better I just can't see myself doing imaging editing on one.

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    I've never had one Greg, but I've heard that LCD's can't be calibrated as well as a CRT.

    I knew a Greg Couch in high school in Texas. He would be old enough to be your father. Of course, I'm not that old (LOL)



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      I have heard that as well. I would guess that within the next few years the technology will be perfected to allow them to be more "photo friendly".

      I knew a Greg Couch in high school in Texas. He would be old enough to be your father. Of course, I'm not that old (LOL)
      He must of been a teacher!


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        I must have missed this post earlier. Thanks but no he was my age. Dadgumit.

        BTW - I like your avatar picture. You could definitly be his son - he was handsome too and had a great smile like yours. (Don't freak everyone - I'm not cradle robbing - just reminiscing )



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          I have the Rad-5 by Radius, (an LCD monitor available at Sam's Club). I can make some limited adjustments to it, but not as many as with CRTs. As far as any screen change due to angle of view -- I don't see that problem. There is a small difference if I purposely move to view it from the extreme left or right, but none during normal activity while working. I'm sure it's not up to professional standards, but it sure suits my needs well.


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