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Flat-panel monitor aging

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  • Flat-panel monitor aging

    I have two CRT monitors, both the same make and model, but purchased 3 years apart. They're getting increasingly difficult to match, even using the Gretag i1 calibrator. According to the Gretag site, this is "normal" as monitors age. This makes me wonder if other, non-CRT monitors also deteriorate over time. What's your experience with this, or what have you heard?
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    I don't use LCD monitors at home (way too expensive compared to decent CRTs) for my critical color work. I do use a dozen or so LCD monitors at work on various instruments and can vouch for the fact that they vary greatly right out of the box and they do fade with time.

    As expensive as top line LCD monitors are, I would hope they last longer than the cheapies. My fear is that the LCD technology is only part of the cost and that top line LCDs are so priced because of supporting circuitry and the ability to make adjustments to color balance, brightness and contrast, not just because the visible panel is "better" in terms of fidelity and longevity.

    Anyone own one of the high dollar LCDs for more than a year or so?


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