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    What size graphic tablet do you use...4x5, 6x8, 9x12 other. Or do you use a mouse instead?
    no tablet...use a mouse

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    I use a mouse, not because I wouldn't like to have a tablet, but because I've spent my limit for quite a while. So I'll have to keep digging through my neighbor's garbage, hoping he'll throw one away.



    • #3
      I have tried larger but actually prefer the 4x5. I have mine set up to behave like a mouse, which seems to work better for me than the default settings.

      I could not live without it!

      I should add that I still use a mouse for non photoshop work.


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        4x5 works best for me. As I said in another thread, the larger tablets makes my arm tired after a few hours.

        Outside of Photoshop, I often use a multi-button scroll mouse.


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          I was fortunate in getting mine as a combined family present for Christmas so instead of the Graphire I was going to buy, I got the 6 x 8 Wacom Intous tablet. I love it. From what everyone says, the tablets they got are the perfect size so I think I would have been happy with the smaller on and I don't feel the need for the largest one so I think it's all in what you get used to working with. I do love the pen and tablet and believe anyone serious about digital graphics should get one. I still use my mouse for most everything else though.


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            I use a 6x8. Had a 4x5 but seem to run out of room often.



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              Thanks for all the information. I currently just have a mouse and drawing with it can be quite the pain. I have finally decided to invest in a Wacom tablet. From reading all these threads, I think I will go with the 6 X 8. THANKS for the help!



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                Don't leave us hanging when you get your new toy.


                • #9
                  I Love my Wacom 6x8


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                    I have a Graphire tablet that I had forgotten about. It was stuck away in a drawer until I read this thread.

                    I have damage to my right shoulder, so trained myself to use the mouse/tablet with my left hand and got pretty good with it.

                    Then I got a new iMac which came with an Apple Pro mouse and I found it so comfortable to use and so accurate, I was not missing the precision of the tablet at all even for fine PhotoShop work.

                    However now that you've reminded me, I dug out the tablet and have been giving my right arm a rest. Strange that even though I'm right-handed, I find it really awkward to use the tablet with my right hand.

                    Thanks for all the good info,



                    • #11
                      I love my 9x12 Wacom Intous!!!

                      Couldn't be without it.

                      Whatever size you get, practice, practice, practice!!
                      Once you get the hang of it, you will wonder what you ever did without it!!

                      Paul Rupp


                      • #12
                        I'm sitting here with a borrowed Graphire tablet and I want one!! It's not fair he won it in a competition and desn't even use it, so he lent it to me to see what I thought of it. I'm reluctant to give it back but I must. There my sulking tantrum is over.


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                          Oh Sanda that was a big mistake. Never try out a free toy if you're not prepared to buy one. That's why they hand out free demos all the time. You could always say you want to give it a thorough testing so you can really make a proper assesment and that will probably take about a year or so. You know there are so many factors to study for a really informed opinion and it really takes time, alot of time. Think they will buy that story? Heck they aren't even using it. Have you considered a rent to buy contract? For a very small monthly fee equal to $1 US you can own it in about 2 to 3 years? Hey, I'm coming up with some good ideas here. Work with me.


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                            Sanda, you may want to look at the Genius WizardPen. They're a good deal cheaper than the Wacoms. I've had the older WizardPad (256 pressure levels) for about 5 years and can't do without it for fine/pressure sensitive work.


                            • #15
                              Although I am dying to have a tablet, alas, I am still "drawing with a bar of soap"

                              (read that on a newsgroup once and it seemed appropriate)

                              I've decided to take a leave from work and try to concentrate on building my own business, so new toys just aren't in the budget right now...


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