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Microtek 6000 ...bad or good?

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  • Microtek 6000 ...bad or good?

    Hello, My first scanner I bought 2 years ago for 90 bucks, it was a microtek scanmaker 6000, it has a really high DPI (6400x3200) but I think my scans should be coming out cleaner. I have problems with sharpness, and occasional color cast. For general use it has been ok but now I want to get into serious hobby retouching and start fixing pics locally for side cash for college, so a good fast scanner is a must, The most I could spend is probably 250-300, With quality of scans coming first then speed.

    For example I have an 8x10 print from the 70's that I scanned somewhere around 6000x4200 or so (a little over 600mb in 16bit) and It still lacks the sharpness the original has, but even a unsharp mask cant regain.

    Then when I scan it ALWAYS needs a levels adjustment, and has to be in 16bit mode to regain to its original white balance.

    Occasionaly I will scan a picture and the green grass is muddy brown, distant faces are dark and muddy, and any levels adjustments cant help. ( pre scan or post scan in PS) I have to do lots of messing with levels and channel mixer to regain color that is decent but not close (which I realize is inexperience but I shouldnt have to do that)

    A few consumer reviews rated it pretty good but I think theres probably a better solution.....Should I keep this scanner or purchase a new one?