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    I am going to check out the Oly C2100, Nikon 880 and several others that have been mentioned in this thread. I didn't realize I was stuck looking at the same few cameras over and over. Was surprised to see a HP 618 included in the raves.
    I want it for general photography, especially the I can photograph children and animals without being in their face.
    I'd also like the camera to be somewhat small. Not Elph size.
    My $$$ limit is about 350 as one has to buy accessories. Will let you know what I decide.
    Finding a store where I can actually touch, feel and examine a camera is a challenge. Frequently the cameras have no battery, are tethered to a post, and no one to help or else they are too busy. So I leave !! Also I have yet to find one place to see all the ones I am interested in looking at.


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      For Cinderella

      Getting to see, handle, and look through the cameras is really important when you're not sure of what you want and need. The big discount stores don't often have knowledgble sales folks (although I find Circuit City to be good). Is there a pro camera store in your area? Stores that are frequented by the pros in your town/city also sell to the rest of us, and they have staff that are experienced and can help you learn about the differences of the cameras. They may NOT have the best price, so you may just go in to learn about the cameras and then buy online when you know what you want -- of course, this strategy is killing the small stores, but you can decide where to spend your money better AFTER you find out which camera(s) would best suit you at this time.


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        Good idea. I will look in YellowPages for stores geared for PROS


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          The story continues. I bought a Canon A40. on sale with a 128MB flash card bonus. A very good deal. Camera is relatively easy to use. Downloading to PC is quick and easy. BUT I didn't like a lot of the photos. I finally took photos of my typical birthday, Xmas poses, using my hubbie as the model. I zoomed, didn't zoom, used manual controls. While none of photos had red eye, several had pixelation around the eyes. Like I spattered paint . Too erratic for me so today I returned it. Back to square one.
          Maybe a nice SLR camera is what I want. Also, I'd like to be able to zoom more so I could capture a monarch butterfly.