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    Do any of you cut your own mats? I have tried but found it was too hard for me to pull the knife through the mat board.

    Has anyone tried a mat cutter and if so which one? Of course, I'm too young for this, but I have arthritis in my hands and so I don't have the greatest hand strength. Tips and tools help would be appreciated.


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    I have done my own mats, and I consider it no fun at all. And with all my wastage, I'd have been better off having it done.

    The secret to doing it without investing in special machinery is sharp blades, a massive straightedge, and you will need to invest in at least that ubiquitous little hand cutter/blade holder.

    Once I found I could buy pre-cut mats as long as I used standard photo sizes, I packed my blades and never looked back.

    They do make cutters that will do the actual cutting for you, and some of them do excellent jobs, but they start at 'pretty expensive' and go up from there.
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      I feel the same as Doug, no fun at all!
      I conformed to using standard sized photo's so it makes life much easier for me!


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        Well it is easier, but sometimes it doesn't look as good. Especially if you have cropped a photo to where the photo looks its best but it is no longer a standard size.

        I just wondered if there was an inexpensive alternative. I don't want to get into big bucks. I can just have the frame shop continue to make custom mats. Unfortunately, that gets expensive too.



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          For the past eight years I have used Mattes' and More, PO Box 241, Cory CO, 81414, Telephone # 970-835-3213

          They have both the standard size mattes as well as custom cut mattes. They have always provided me excellent service and I have not been able to beat their prices at any of the local stores.

          Either call them or drop them a line and request their latest price list.

          Their toll free 800 number changed and I have misplaced it at this time, I guess that comes with age.



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            Pre-Christmas I bought myself a Logan 301S mat cutter. It is kinda small for "Art", but will cover just about anything my Epson printer will produce. It cost about $110.00 which is a fair bit, but compared to what the local frame shops charge for a custom cut, it doesn't take long to make up the price.

            I matted and framed several pictures as presents and found that while I wouldn't call it fun, it wasn't too bad. The mat cutter has a guide that locks the blade fro straight lines, and it has marks on it for aligning the cuts. Compared to the old Dexter hand cutter it is a wonder to use.

            I don't think I'll ever really like making mats, but with this little Logan it is not too painful, and my ratio of "keepers" to "tossers" is starting to get below 1:1...

            For the price the Logan 301S was great. The next step up is over three times the cost, and the next step down has too many ways to mess up the cuts.

            I'm glad I made the investment.