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    I am evaluating whether to upgrade my simple HP 960c ink jet which is showing some difficulty reproducing some of the images I am creating in PSP and PS7. I have been searching and discussing this on the PSP newsgroup.

    Based on some of my first photos back from some on-line printing houses (I am considering staying with my insufficient home printer and getting finished prints from an on-line service), I saw vast differences in the results because the paper on which the images were printed was different. It is also likely that the actual printer/printing process and operator skill level played a part in the differences, but the paper was the most obvious difference.

    Can folks point me to sites which discuss photo-quality printer papers? Searches have come up empty as I get millions of sites trying to sell papers but can't find sites which REVIEW various papers.

    I would also like to hear recommendations for printer papers that people have successfully used at home. I realize these often go hand-in-hand with the printer, so if you would care to share a few words on what your home printer is, why you like it, and which paper or papers you use that give you best results.

    My objectives are in the area of "hang-on-the-wall" framed photos and photo-art, not necessarily large format but just regular sized photos. Good images for physical scrapbooks and photobooks are also part of my objectives.

    Any comments?

    Thanks very much,


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    Hi Ken,
    I recommend you take a good look at Epson Photo printers and papers. They have a very broad line of excellent photo media. I have used them all and get excellent results Gloss, Premium Gloss, Ultra Gloss, Satin, Pearl, Color Life, Matte. They have 4 inch roll up to large size format sheet and roll papers.
    Have had many of their printers over a number of years. They are very reliable and produce excellent results. Their inks work very well on a broad variety of other brands of standard and specialty photo papers like Illford. This is not always the case with other printer manufacturers whose printers only seem to work with their own papers.
    Regards, Murray


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      I use a epson 320 printer and Illford paper for any thing that i what to frame and display. I have used several different Illford papers and all of them are very good, I preffer their "smooth pearl" paper


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        I have a Canon Pixma iP8500 photo printer and I use Canon paper. I love the richness and depth of colours from this printer and papers.



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