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Last minute is ALWAYS a good idea - right?

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  • Last minute is ALWAYS a good idea - right?

    I am so ticked right now I just had to vent, so in advance let me say thanks for letting me. I had 50 wedding invitations that my customer was coming to pick up today. I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off for several days now, having more work on my plate than I care to have at one time, and this all on top of having 2 kids to take care of and keep up with, and not to mention the housework which certainly got neglected. So I had it in my mind my S.O. was darn well going to tend to the kids while I got the last 25 of these invitations done - I HATE LAST MINUTE! Needless to say that did not happen, and so here I was printing the fronts of the invitations and 3 away from being finished (and all 25 of the inside left to print) and my freakin Epson R200 WILL not LOAD THE PAPER! Epson online tech support has no opinion other than to call their number, which I do to find out my printer is about a month and a half out of warranty and I woudl have to pay them (a reasonable 9.95) to tell me any possible solutions, and then still no guarantee it would be fixable on my end, so I said naw not right now, call my customer, let her know half of them are ready I am so so so so sorry and I will give you a few extra for your wait I will have them tomorrow, so I have to now go BUY a new printer (and will get this one fixed so I will have backup next time (God forbid I need it!). UGH! Newton Strikes Again!

    Now, any recommendations on a printer? I love my Epson, and would love to keep using them, and have even found a couple models that can take the 4 ink cartridges I just bought for the R200 on Saturday, and they even are able to print directly from camera or memory cards, which I was thinking about getting something for anyway. The two are the R300 (no screen which I do not like) the R320 (currently a $50 rebate) the R340 (not sure what the difference is really in the 320 and the 340) and the RX620, which is a scanner and printer in one, and of course the most expensive, and not really what I need since I have a scanner just fine, it is HP and it does what I need. Now I am not saying I have to have a printer that will take these same cartridges. So I am open to all suggestions that will keep the cost below $400 or so (and hopefully last longer than the warranty!). Whatta ya'll think? Thanks for listening and helping!


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    Any opinions on the Epson Stylus Photo 1280?


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      Hi Dawn, I have had a 1280 running for 4 years. Great workhorse. Consistent reliable color. Proper use of color management in PS will get you accurate results. Speed is probably a bit slow compared to some of the printers rolling off the line today but it is all relative to how much you have to print.
      Regards, Murray


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        Thank you so much for your reply, Mistermonday. I decided to hold that bigger purchase off for a while and just went for a replacement and I suppose a good bit of an upgrade with the R320. Since I was thinking of getting a pc-free printer anyway it was the perfect choice. And the $50 rebate on it as opposed to the R340 which is supposed to be the newer replacement model, it worked out prefectly. Not to mention that the R320 has more options for paper profiles and as far as I know can print longer than the 340, although they both print the same width.

        But, the 1280, or similar, is certainly on my wish list. If business contines to grow for me I will be there in a flash. Thanks again, mistermonday.

        Btw- anyone know if Epson has dust covers for their printers, or where I might find them to fit the Epsons. I am beginning to think that this 30 year old apartment I am living in, and its RIDICULOUS dustiness, may be the reason my printers just to not last. Learned from my mistakes this time and bought the 2 year replacement thing from CompUSA for 39 dollars. YAY. Worry- free, I am.!!



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