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  • Camera speed inquiry

    Hello All,
    Yesterday I received this request through my wife from a colleaque of hers.
    They want a recommendation for a "good" Point and Shoot digital camera for snapshots of their kids.
    They are looking for a fast camera to capture active kids, they do not mean ISO fast; they are referring to the operation of the camera to aquire and record the images.
    Such as the speed of the lens during focus and operation the camera between fully depressing the shutter button and when the image is caputured.
    they have had trouble capturing their quick moving kids.

    Any suggestions for makes/models or other Forums to post at?


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    Hello, I'm not sure what camera to recomend, I have a Canon Digital Rebel, and I also have a small nikon camera. I like the pictures that the Nikon takes, but like you said, they want something that will take fast pictures. This is where the Nikon failed. You might tell your friend that they should also check to make sure that the camera will take quick pictures when a flash is needed. I have been around alot of camera that have to adjust for the flash, and by that time the magic moment is gone.


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      Hi HroadhogD1

      My P+S, is the Canon Power Shot S50, the S50 behaves the same way... by the time the camera has "decided" it is ready to shoot, the kids are across the room and I capture a blur.

      So does anyone out there in RetouchPro-land know of a fast acting camera cure for motion blur headaches?

      Inquiring minds want to know.



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        My canon digital rebel is fast on power on, quick to shoot, and quick with a flash. It does have point and shoot options. I would recomend it!


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          Larry, it may be worth your will to check out
          Regards, Murray


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            Hello road hog and Murray,
            I am not sure if they want a DSLR, even with the very reasonable entry price, but I will recommend it as I like Canon equipment anyway.
            Also I will check out the site you suggested Murray.
            thanks for you ideas


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              Does their camera not have a half-way option on the button, as this sets up the camera ready for the shot when it comes. My Olympus c-310 takes photos instantly (No delay at all) when using this, and I have taken some great action shots with it (some below from a few weeks back)

              Camera only cost £99.00 new and can take some cracking photos once you get used to it


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                I'd look at the Canon G6. It's shutterlag is quite acceptable. It's negitive is its size. Given that, I think mistermonday said it well; go to .

                Good Luck


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         called red-eye reduction features cause shutter to get a camera where you can switch this on or off... also I have seen digi cameras out there that have default presets for action shots etc... they are not that uncommon. Canon and Kodak have a good spread in the mainstream digi market and they do what they are ment to do well.


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                    Take a look at


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