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It doesn't matter anymore, Doug,

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  • It doesn't matter anymore, Doug,

    which computer you use. Because with stuff like Parallels Desktop Release Candidate 2 for Mac being released I can't wait to get my hands on an iMacIntel duocore Mark II . . .
    Wow! Running 3 OS's natively and simultaneously!

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    I knew it wouldn't be long, but it is amazing technology. Although it's Beta, I've heard the first full release would be this fall in conjunction with the anticipated Mac Intel desktop.


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      ah, vmware. i already have a vm module on my machine. interesting technology. just be aware that it will slow your current machine down a bit. of course i'm still running a relatively slow machine; just a 1.7 ghz single core thing. the technology works much better the faster and more robust your machine is. also, this is not emulator technology. you are running an actual operating system from within your operating system. and in fact you can run more than one at a time. in fact, in one package available you can wipe the current package and install windows on it. it installs from your windows install cd and IS your complete windows o/s set in a virtual module or 'shell' type environment. and that's why this technology is so powerful. you are essentially creating a virtual harddrive and it will function like any other harddrive, including allowing you to install an o/s on it., networking, browsing and so forth.

      the thing i liked about this idea was the security factor. got a virus? simply wipe the virtual o/s and install your backup, which takes much less time than reformatting and installing on a normal machine.

      that is the first mac module i've seen though. you can already get free vmware for running other vm modules. free mac is expected, but i'm not sure when. here's some links if you're interested:



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        I just got a macbook, and have been running xp natively through bootcamp.......the speed is excellent......if you check the photoshop benchmark thread, you will see the speed of this thing in osx and xp.

        I haven't tried parallels yet, thats my plan for the weekend


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          Originally posted by Photo678
          [...] bootcamp.......the speed is excellent......
          I hear it runs XP faster than most PC's do.
          if you check the photoshop benchmark thread, you will see the speed of this thing in osx and xp.
          Got a link?


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            Originally posted by RokcetScientist
            I hear it runs XP faster than most PC's do.
            It pretty much kicked hell out of my p4 2.5ghz desktop

            Originally posted by RokcetScientist
            Got a link?
            Sorry, two threads below this one :-)



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