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    Hi Folks

    I have a quick question. I recently installed ps 6.0 and started to try some of the restorations on this site. My computer was new last year. It is a dell pentium III 1 gig processor with 256 ram.
    When I was working on "Balancing Act" Challenge I kept locking and crashing. It sounded like It was memory starved. I am running windows me.

    Can you tell me what is a typical Ram setup for serious Photoshop users. Your help is appreciated.


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    I would say 512 is minimum, but only because RAM is so cheap. You should be fine with 256. How much free Hard Drive Space do you have?

    You might also want to check Photoshop's memory settings. Under Edit> Preferences> Memory & Image Cache. you can set the amount of physical memory available to Photoshop. Also check under scratch disk and make sure a drive is selected.


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      I've been running 256 megs for quite a long time, but just upgraded to 512 megs yesterday. I don't think 256 megs will give you a problem except for large files. Since I don't know much about computers, I can't offer any other suggestions. Good luck with getting it to work for you.



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        More memory is always good, but there is a diminishing return. 512meg would be the most anyone would probably need on a Windows platform (Macs make better use of large memory), and as pointed out memory won't get much cheaper anytime soon.

        You might consider upgrading from WindowsME. It was notoriously unstable (though you might want to read the WinXP thread to get opposing views).
        Learn by teaching
        Take responsibility for learning


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          Ram has doubled in price in the past 6 weeks over here. When it was on the floor I shoved in another 500megs but with no noticeable difference. Still trying to get XP to crash at this end but apart from an odd tremble no result as yet.


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            Thanks for the quick response.

            Mr. Couch I checked the area's of preferences that you suggested and "startup" was assigned to scratch disk. I changed it to c: drive. Ram was allocated at 50%. I have 20 gig available on my 40 gig drive. I will experiment with ram allocation if needed.

            Doug, I have been toying with the idea of dumping Me for Xp. I will have to consider it now.

            Also, I definately think another 256 Ram is in my future. That will max out this mother board.

            Thanks again for the help.



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              I heard somewhere that 98 can't utilise more than 500 meg of Ram. Comments ?


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                Sorry Chris,

                I can't help you with that question. I'm sure some of these knowledgeable people here on this site will know.



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                  Chris - I don't think the 500 meg ceiling is an issue anymore, or at least Microsoft says it's not. I do know that putting in 1 gig or more of memory will often cause Windows based computers to fail at boot-up.


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                    I'm still on Windows 98. But I just added 512mb to my original 256mb for a total of 768mb of ram. It's working great! I think that the maximum ram allowed by your motherboard is more the issue.


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                      Thanks all, I did notice a great improvement in the 250 to 500 meg jump but when ram prices became very low over here I finished up with another 500 more for interests sake than a hope of vast improvement. I have noticed in PShop that when you execute processes theres no longer any of the, how can I describe it, the resulting image unrolling like a blind onto the screen as the processor struggles to cope with PShops demands.


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