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calibrating two displays

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  • calibrating two displays

    i've had two displays for some time now, but i've never had to calibrate both of them since my secondary for palettes and tools was super old and not worth it.

    now that i've replaced both displays, i would like to calibrate them both.

    i have eye-one display2, and i am able to calibrate both. the problem arises when i restart windows -- the secondary monitor reverts to un-calibrated mode, but the primary display stays calibrated.

    i checked windows color settings, and sure enough, the icc profile created by eye-one is the one in use.

    is there a windows setting i am missing?

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    First of all, if you're not able to find a solution here the i1 email support is excellent. I had the exact problem you're mentioning, and it turned out I had a conflicting profile loader. In my case it was my ATI utility software that was "helpfully" loading the system default profile after the i1 loader was finished. I couldn't find a way to fully disable it, so I eventually just uninstalled the ATI utilities (didn't need them anyway). You might also want to make sure Adobe Gamma isn't in your startup folder (another common culpret for double profiling).

    I also found out from experience that none of the software, even the Windows properties, didn't show my 2nd monitor settings accurately until I actually dragged them over onto the 2nd monitor workspace. This shouldn't affect you, for me it was the special adjustment software installed by my monitors. Even if I had properties set to monitor 2 it would still only adjust the monitor actually displaying the properties dialog.

    Finally, make sure you're using the latest i1 iMatch software, I think they're up to v3.3 now.
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      you simply need a second graphic card for the second monitor. doesn't have to be decent though. a cheap ATI would do the job