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Source or advice for hard drive "cage"?

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  • Source or advice for hard drive "cage"?

    In order to install a second hard drive into my HP Pavilion A736N PC, instructions say to obtain a hard drive cage (no longer available from HP.) The master drive (160gb 7200rpm ATA-100 drive) is attached with screws directly to the inside front of the case frame (no cage.) There is no way to attach a second drive in the current configuration.

    Question: Does anyone know where a cage (generic is fine) can be obtained?

    I am wanting a bracket/box, not a "hot drive cage". My web search ended in naught. I am likely not using the correct words. Does anyone know a more appropriate search term to use to find one?


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    I think you are looking for a hard drive enclosure. This is a "box" that a hard drive can be put into, and used for a secondary hard drive. They are made of plastic that I think are cheap, and aluminum,which is what I have. Some enclosures must have a fan in them to keep your hard drive from burning up, but the aluminum enclosures keep them cool enough that a fan is not needed, or so they say. I must admit, that I dont use mine very often. Look for one that is plug and play if you dont know very much about them. It is also a good idea to know what type of hard drive you have(SATA, etc) The best place to get one as far as I am concerned is Ebay. They have a ton of them. Hope this is of some help.


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