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Scanner Recommendations????

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  • Scanner Recommendations????

    I have grasped most of the techniques for photo restoration. I am going to be doing it on the side for extra money as jobs come in. However, I am wondering what scanners you all are using, and which one would be the best. I am interested in the scan format output...Adobe RAW, JPG, EPS (preferred).
    I have been using a "less than qualified" MicroTek scanner that I would like to get away from
    Being able to scan negatives would be a big plus.
    Also, I have approx $500 USD to spend.

    Thanks in advance for any recommendations

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    I have an Epson 4990. Paid $450 USD. I use it to can photo prints, 35mm and negatives. It has Kodak Digital ICE for removing dust and scratches from film. Optical resolution is 4800x9600 and a Dmax = 4. It is a very good blend of a flatbed and film scanner. The link below is to the Proto-I review of the 4990.


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      I would defintely check out the Epson lines. I just bought a new scanner and only had $150 to spend, but got a great one (for my needs), Epson Perfection 3490 photo. It can do negatives also. You might want to check out the perfection line and look at the higher end ones. Bought mine through BestBuy.



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        If you are going to do this as a business, you need to have a decent scanner. The Epson flatbeds are good for reflective scanning plus medium format and larger film sizes but a dedicated film scanner would give you extra sharpness/true optical resolution for 35 mm. Since 35 mm is probably the most common size brought into archiving services, you might want to keep this in mind. If you could find a Minolta Dual Scan IV still in stock or gently used and then also get an Epson 4490 (160ish after rebate online), that would cover you for most common formats. If you want to stick with just one flatbed, I would go for a V700. The V700 isn't really much sharper than a 4990 but since you are buying new the price difference isn't that much and the V700 does have a few nice new features. Look at and for some of the best prices on Epson scanners (no affiliation).



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          Re: Scanner Recommendations????

          i went with the V700, got it from newegg on one day special.

          Once thoroughly tested, i will post a review


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