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  • Memory Card Question

    I came across Kingston memory cards on They received good reviews and are low-priced.

    A 1 GB SD memory card is $13.99
    A 2 GB SD memory card is $38.95

    Is there a trick to this? I could buy three 1 GB cards and have 3 GBs of storage for the same price as a 2 GB card. Are there any drawbacks to stocking up on cheap 1 GB cards? Here's a link if you want:
    Kingston Cards

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    Re: Memory Card Question

    No trick, you'll notice the same pattern with system RAM. The larger capacities are harder to fabricate.

    Without knowing the particular speed specs, so assuming they're identical, I'd say the primary drawback is shuffling cards.

    Just make sure whatever you plan on using it in can handle the higher capacity cards.
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      Re: Memory Card Question

      Do you know if it'd work in a Canon Powershot A620?

      I looked up Memory Cards in my manual, and it didn't say what kind it took. It just described how to format it and write on its label (ex: use felt-tip pen, not a hard ball-point).

      I know it takes SD cards... also, do you know the difference between 1 GB SD, 1 GB-U SD, and 1 GB-S SD?


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