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  • wacom tablet question

    I just got a wacom graphire4 tablet. I cant seem to see how the opacity pen presure works. I have set the dynamic setting in the brush settings but I still dont see much of a difference when using this. it seems if i press light or press hard i get the same opacity. this is also true for brush thichness and thiness. I use the pencil tool or brushes and the strokes seem to be the same. I am probabley doing something wrong. Can anyone help me like this pen. I do like the feel of the pen and the control i have when adding colour and the way it moves. I may go and exchange this tablet for the intro3 6x8. does anyone recommend as size. I currently have a 4x5. Unlike a mouse you need to move your hand to the exact position to the exact location on the screen. If i get the 6x8 i think that my arm may become fatigued moving around the screen.



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    Re: wacom tablet question

    Hmm, I don't know anything about the Graphire as I have an Intuos3, and the effect is nothing short of magical. I'm very, very happy with it.

    But, have you looked into the tablet settings? With the Intuos, there is an icon you can click on in the Control Panel that will bring up the tablets properties dialogue box. Perhaps what you need can be found in there?


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      Re: wacom tablet question

      thanx, I'ill check it out. I wanted to get the intuo3 but the store only had the graphire 4 ,and being the type of person that researches everything and once my mind is set , I need it now. lol The graphire is made for consurmers and the Intuo3 is for professional (not that i'm a professional but I alway say get the best you can afford. )



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        Re: wacom tablet question

        If I remember right, the Intous pads will be able to detect pressure from the pen in gradations of 1024 steps while the Graphire divides them up into 512. 512 is fine for most people. I guess the only way for you to know if you would actually find benefit from 1024 is to test one out. Same thing on the size difference but you are right to be cautious that bigger isn't always better when it comes to graphic tablets.



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          Re: wacom tablet question

          Well I went out to get myself the intuos3 table to try it out. all I can say is


          it is 512 times better than the graphire4 hands down!!!! It works like I was expecting the graphire 4 to work. I guess that is why the intuos3 is 3 times the Price. I cant wait to start retouching some photos with this tool..

          have to go now...must play with my intuos3.

          Thanx again to all your help



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            Re: wacom tablet question

            Yup, the Intuos3 is a wonderous tool indeed.

            Have fun!


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