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Don't buy the Epson 2000p!!

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  • Don't buy the Epson 2000p!!

    It's replacement will be here soon, and it's cheaper than the 2000!

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    You beat me to it Greg! I just logged in to post this and you already have!

    Hmmm - maybe I'll wait a while longer before I get the "printer of my dreams."



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      Boy, I just hate it when the new models come out. Guess I have to pretend I didn't read this and be happy with the OLD version. Wonder if the inks deal with that metamerism problem? I didn't catch that but I read the article fast.


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        Same here...I was literally about two weeks away from buying a 1280 and "Inkjet news" just popped into my Inbox about 5 minutes ago with this info. I think I will wait until later this summer to purchase a printer!


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          Yup - I was SO ready to buy the 1280! I don't know that I'll be the first to buy the 2200P though - I'd like to know what problems others run into before I plunk down the big bucks!

          DJ - I just read the article more in depth than my initial scan and it doesn't say anything about the metamerism issue. (And I was reading specifically for that issue.) However, Inkjet News says they'll have more info after April 30 and I can't imagine that they won't address it - since they've defined the problem pretty well on their site.



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            Wonder if they'd take a trade in. Mines about a year old now and the price you pay for these babies doesn't make quick to replace. By the time I'm ready for a new one, they will be up to the 4000 models.


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              Originally posted by DJ Dubovsky
              By the time I'm ready for a new one, they will be up to the 4000 models.
              Well, by the time you're able to get a new one, we'll be drooling over your "good fortune" while we're stuck with our "old" technology!


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                The 2000p is still going for over $900 here....I wonder what kind of deal you can get once the new one comes out, considering it's only going to sell for $699?

                DJ - they really should offer some kind of trade in.


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                  Hey we don't even have a regular printer. Our Cannon died as soon as it saw the competition (the Epson). My son got an HP at a garage sale for 3 bucks so now I have to use the network to print anything other than photos on his little HP. Yes, it's hard work and I have to get out of my chair to go turn it on in his room and make sure his computer is on. (Am I earning sympathy here yet?) I tried buying one the same way after he got such a good deal and all I wound up with was another printer that didn't work and my husband saying " what the heck did you buy that for?" I totally forgot the whole point of this reply. Oh yes now I remember. I'm poor!!! These computers are eating up all our money!! Everytime we buy the newest toy on the market it's old by the time it comes out of the box. UGH!!


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                    eBay might be a place to sell...

                    On 4/23/02 an Epson 2000p sold on eBay for $530. None up for auction at the moment, but with this announcement more could be headed for auction.

                    GR-eatly appreciate the post, Greg (and 'almost post,' Jeanie ). I wuz seriously thinking about taking this plunge.

                    This little gem warrants another couple bucks for the annual Telethon jar! (Would that make some of you, "Doug's Kids"? )
                    Last edited by DannyRaphael; 04-26-2002, 08:37 AM.


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                      Just read this, if it does everything it says it looks like it may be my next big purchase either late this year or early next year.

                      So far I am really happy with my Epson 870, but there is a lot of things on this new one that really are attractive.

                      I can relate to those comments regarding jumping into the latest greatest new equipment. I was an early adaptor when the DSS satelite dishes first came out. Shelled out close to 700 bones for 1 receiver, another 450 for a second room receiver. I saw a comercial yesterday where Direct TV is offering 2 recievers and dish installed for $50.00 with a $49.00 rebate (ouch). I swore I would never be the first on the block ever again...

                      Well I may be breaking my promise! - Carl


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                        I wrote to Royce Blair (editor of Inkjet News) and asked him to please comment on the metamerism issue when he's able to talk more about the 2200. Here's his reply:

                        I can talk about that right now. Some Metamerism is still there. But very little. Most is gone, which is the reason why they can say that it can do good B/W printing now (using all 7 inks). The 2nd black (light black) is the ink that does the trick.

                        I'll give you other info on May 1. -Royce

                        Can't wait!!



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                          Danny - Don't thank me, thank "Inkjet News"!

                          Jeanie - Thanks for the info!

                          I dug up some more info from a site in the UK.

                          Interesting highlights -

                          - Firewire connection
                          - Paper roll holder AND cutter
                          - much quicker printing times than the 2000p


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                            From an excellent email list I subscribe to:

                            "I often get requests from people who want to know what kind of computer printer they should get for "permanent" color printing.

                            The best printer was the Epson 2000, making use of pigments instead of dyes. A bit expensive and glacially slow, it could take 12 minutes to produce a print 20x25 cm in size. It also had other problems, such as inks that suffered from metamerism. Epson is introducing the next generation, the seven-colour 2200, which seems much improved, and features, at long last, black and white printing to boot. See the links below:

                            Yesterday Epson announced the Stylus Photo 2200 A3+ printer (known as the 2100 in Europe and PM-4000PX in Japan). This printer is a replacement for the 2000P, it now uses seven-colour pigment based UltraChrome inks which should deliver higher gamut and longer life prints. The Stylus Photo 2200 can print up to 44 x 13", resolution up to 2880 x 1440 dpi, has USB 2.0, Parallel and Firewire (IEEE 1394) ports. Of course the 2200 also supports Epson's proprietary Print Image Matching technology.

                            One has to be careful when reading "archival" claims as accelerated fading tests are more of an art than a science. Some "archival" prints have been known to turn orange in a matter of weeks in the presence of high levels of ozone and monochrome black prints made by another pigment printer, the 4-color Epson C-80, may look more like cyanotypes than black and white prints we printed on certain papers. I don't know what pigment they use for black, but it is certainly not carbon black, which is extremely permanent.

                            The most permanent prints,imo, are carbon prints produced by dichromated colloid systems, like the carbon transfer and Fresson, as they make use, as a rule, of carbon black. I have many in my collection going back to the 1860s in excellent condition. Selenium and sepia toned silver gelatin prints on fiber-base support tend to be quite permanent and are much easier and cheaper to produce.

                            Luis Nadeau
                            Learn by teaching
                            Take responsibility for learning


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