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  • Tablets

    For a long time Wacom Intuos tablets seemed to be the "standard". And they probably still are...

    I just became aware of these folks:
    They appear to have great products, at very low prices.

    Anyone using them?

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    Re: Tablets

    Frank, I don't know anyone using these tablets and have never seen them in the brick and morter stores.

    The price is certainly great. But, I've heard complaints about other brands of tablets having a poor pen feel and slow adaptation of drivers when new versions of Photoshop came out. Don't know if that is an issue anymore, but would love to hear actual user experiences with this company's tablets.


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      Re: Tablets

      I own a trust tablet and I wasn't very impressed. I after 1 month the pen stopped working and I asked for a new one, which was sent for free after 2 iterations with the support helpdesk.

      One thing I learned is that size isn't everything. This tablet is A4+ in terms of active area and it's too big for normal use. Maybe it's good for graphic designers that have a very stable hand, but not for me. I loose a lot of accuracy when making large movements.

      I suggest that you buy a wacom Graphire4 for a entry level tablet.