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HP 870CXI Ink Problem

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  • HP 870CXI Ink Problem

    My secondary printer, HP Inkject 870CXI, has has been working fine for years. Now all of a sudden black prints out blue.

    I thought it might be the black ink cartridge. So I replaced it, but black still prints out blue.

    Has anyone every run across this problem and found a solution?

    I am using Windows XP Prof.


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    I don't know this particular printer, but I've used several color printers and they usually have a setting buried somewhere in the configuration to print 'true' black or simulated black. Simulated black actually usually looks better, but perhaps in your case it doesn't.

    Check deep in your printer's options dialog to see if there's anything like this.

    Another possibility is that there's a clog somewhere. Run the cleaning routine and print out the test page and you'll find out very quickly if this is the case.
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      Have you added any new programs or updates reciently? I had something similar occur when I upgraded Windows Media Player, except everything printed blue..removed the update via Go Back, normal print colors returned.... Tom


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        Doug and Tom thanks for replying.

        Doug, I couldn't find the "True black dialog box, but I cleaned and realigned my print cartridges.

        Black still printed blue. So closed down my computer. Rebooted and tried printing again. Now black prints black for all lines except the last line. The last line prints blue!

        Tom, I did download a demo labeling program. I’ll uninstall it and see if the last line will print the right color.